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SOFINS 2019 ~ French SpecOps Expo Opens


SOFINS, the French Special Operations Expo & Conference commenced today at Camp de Souge, home of the elite 13e Régiment de Dragons Parachutistes, writes Bob Morrison.


Highlight of the day was a 25 minute long dynamic display by units and assets of France’s Special Forces Command or COM FST, including a TALO (Tactical Air Land Operation) by a C-160 Transall which inserted two SF vehicles plus a heliborne assault and hostage recovery mission, but the expo itself also gave us an opportunity to see various new developments and examples of kit in addition to allowing us to talk to some specialist manufacturers about what uses their products are being put to. Over the next couple of weeks we will hopefully update readers once we have cleared a backlog of other recently gleaned material.

SOFINS is organised by Cercle de l’Arbalète (Circle of the Crossbow).

[images © Bob Morrison]

Our first glimpse of the Jankel FOX which is now being used by French SpecOps [©BM]
The keen-eyed might spot this operator is wearing the new French Special Forces camo – more to follow on this [©BM]
This is the new Haulotte HUTP-R developed for French Special Forces and Army requiremets [©BM]
Four different helicopter types used by France’s Spec Ops Command took part in today’s display [©BM]
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