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10th Annual Warrior Competition ~ Results

Lebanon's elite Black Panthers took 1st Place at the 10th Annual WARRIOR COMPETITION [© BM]

The final results of the 10th Annual Warrior Competition were announced on the evening of Monday 7th May at King Abdullah II Special Operations Center (KASOTC).


After last week’s gruelling events, which concluded with The King’s Challenge on Friday 4th, the overall winners were:-

  1. Lebanon ~ Black Panthers
  2. China ~ PAP Team 1 (Snow Leopards)
  3. USA ~ Stanislaus County Sheriffs SWAT

China’s PAP Snow Leopards [© Bob Morrison]

We will bring you a more in-depth feature on this epic competition at a later date, along with a photo album covering the teams and the highlights, once SOFEX is out of the way and your roving editor / reporter is back at his boring desk in the  UK. To quote Vinnie Jones: “It’s been emotional!”

US Stanislaus County Sheriffs SWAT [© Bob Morrison]

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