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SOFEX 2018 Opens In Amman

The 12th biennial SOFEX (Special Operations Forces Expo) opened in Jordan today in the presence of His Majesty King Abdullah II with a dynamic display by Special Operations Forces.


After insertion of a Special Forces team by HALO, an outer cordon was established around an insurgent compound by heliborne troops from the Quick Reaction Force (drawn from 91st Quick Reaction Battalion).

A composite force drawn from Special Units I and II then inserted by Blackhawk helicopters and speedily assaulted the objective, rounding up the High Value Targets using shock & awe tactics.

Two of the very latest combat boot models produced by YDS of Turkey [© Bob Morrison]

This afternoon we toured the expo, meeting a number of our Sponsors on their stands, to learn what is new in the SpecOps equipment field. There was a lot to see at the Special Operations Forces Expo ranging from new armoured vehicles, from regional and international manufacturers, all the way down to combat boots. SOFEX 18 is certainly living up to expectations.

It’s not often a 3-star gets a chance to play with a GPMG – Lt Gen Sir John Lorimer enjoys himself on the Ultimate Training Munitions indoor range at SOFEX [© Bob Morrison]


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