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The 10th Annual Warrior Competition concluded today with the King’s Challenge, in which just the top fifteen elite Special Operations teams were allowed to compete.


JOINT-FORCES.com covered all nine stages of today’s concluding event, which saw competitors marching and shooting their way around the entire KASOTC facility in Jordan with the thermometer hovering around the top end of the thirties for much of the day. The judges are still hard at work tallying the final scores amassed over the last five days and Winners will be announced at the Closing Ceremony next Monday, following the MESOC (Middle East Special Operations Commanders) conference. In the meantime, here are some more images – all were captured out on the course today.

Portugal’s CompOEsp climb to the opening sniper stage [© Bob Morrison]

A sniper from Greece’s EKAM engages a target using an Accuracy International rifle [© Bob Morrison]

Two members of the Kazakhstan team cross a water obstacle [© Bob Morrison]

A Swedish PIKETEN team member engages a bank of targets with an M4 carbine [© Bob Morrison]

A US 5th SFG team member fast descends a quarry wall [© Bob Morrison]

A Lebanese Black Panther engages targets in the railway siding with 9mm pistol [© Bob Morrison]

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