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Thursday, Day Four of the 10th Annual Warrior Competition, saw two more challenging events to decide which fifteen teams would progress to the final day.

Time’s Up was a Forward & Lateral Movement relay shooting event where fifty targets had to be successfully engaged in a set time while the shooter continually moved. House Of Terror involved locating and recovering a critically wounded High Value Target from an enemy occupied building full of CS gas, reports Bob Morrison.

A competitor sprints to tag a teammate during the Time’s Out relay [© Bob Morrison]

By the end of the day the fifteen teams at the top of the leaderboard were headed by Lebanon’s Black Panthers, with the Jordanian Royal Guard in second place and China’s Snow Leopards in third; the US Stanislaus County Sheriffs SWAT team was just two points behind the Snow Leopards and just 28 points behind the Black Panthers going into the King’s Challenge, so there is still everything to play for.

Positivity displayed by Turkey’s Jandarma Commando prior to entering the House Of Terror [© Bob Morrison]

US 5th SFG team ascend to the rooftop explosive breach point [© Bob Morrison]

The Ukrainian team would end the day in fifth place [© Bob Morrison]

Sweden’s PIKETEN exiting the House Of Terror – they surprised many by staying in the top ten as this event was the first time they had worked together as a team [© Bob Morrison]

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