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Just after 07:00 this morning 40 five-man teams of Military and Police SpecOps left the helipad on a Jordanian Special Forces base at the start of GUT CHECK.


The first of two gruelling events held today, GUT CHECK involved a cross-country run of almost 15km carrying a loaded daysack and assault rifle while wearing body armour and ballistic helmet under a blazing sun, writes Bob Morrison.


Teams leave the mass start as GUT CHECK gets underway [© Bob Morrison]

To make the course more onerous, the last sector had to be tackled while carrying the fifth team member on a stretcher… after first correctly administering a saline drip to him.


When the teams finally reached the Finish Line, daysacks were weighed to ensure everyone had carried the required load around the course.



A Turkish Jandarma Commando medic administers an IV to the team ‘casualty’ [© Bob Morrison]

After a lunch break, the teams participated in the PIPE HITTER, which saw them running in relay around a circuit and engaging targets in a set sequence with both pistol and assault rifle.


JF will cover both events in detail in a full feature once the 10th Annual Warrior Competition has concluded.


UPDATE: Final Team Standings for GUT CHECK:-

  • 1st: Belarus ~ Special Operations Forces
  • 2nd: China ~ PAP Team 1
  • 3rd: Austria ~ COBRA


Members of US 5th SFG ODA 5232 pose at the end of their PIPE HITTER run [© Bob Morrison]

Even some of the local SpecOps guys found the GUT CHECK to be onerous in the baking heat [© Bob Morrison]



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