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Patria NEMO 120mm Mortar Turret

Patria NEMO on Patria 6x6 APC at DSEI 2019 [© Bob Morrison]

The Patria NEMO is a 120mm remote controlled mortar turret produced by the Finnish defence manufacturer who makes both the Pasi and AMV armoured vehicles, writes Bob Morrison.


Capable of being fitted to most armoured personnel carriers which have the ability to mount a turret, and also to comparatively small fast combat boats and landing craft, the system allows infantry and marines to take accompanying artillery (Fires in US parlance) using variants of the standard mode of transport meaning their heavy mortars have exactly the same mobility.

Containerised NEMO firing from a Patria 8×8 truck [© Patria]

A lightened version of the twin-barrelled AMOS (Advanced MOrtar System) from the same manufacturer, small numbers of the NEMO turret have already been procured by Slovenia, for their new Patria AMV fleet, by Saudi Arabia, for their LAV II fleet, and by the United Arab Emirates, for coastal patrol craft. Patria has also developed a containerised version of NEMO which can be transported by, and fired from, self-loading heavy logistics trucks and dropped off to a static mortar position from where the crew can operate under a degree of armour protection.

At the International Armoured Vehicles conference, IAV 20, held in London company representatives gave JOINT-FORCES.com copies of these two videos showing NEMO in action, primarily on the company’s 6×6 AWV, and their 8×8 AMV, but a boat-mounted version also briefly features.

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