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Op CABRIT ~ British Army KRH Tank Crew Equipment

A British Army King's Royal Hussars Challenger 2 main battle tank deployed in Estonia as part of Op CABRIT photographed during KEVADTORM 2019 [©Bob Morrison]
What do British Army KRH tankers deployed on Operation CABRIT in the Baltic States as part of NATO’s defensive shield carry in their kit bags?


In this piece, shot earlier this year during KEVADTORM 2019 by the NATO Multimedia team, the question is answered by a British tank crewman serving with the King’s Royal Hussars.

His regiment was deployed with NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup in Estonia, led by the United Kingdom. The footage includes soundbites from Lance Corporal Ashfield, King’s Royal Hussars of the British Army, and detailed close-ups of kit he carries in his bag.

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