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Op CABRIT ~ UK Troops Urban Training In Poland

UK Royal Dragoon Guards urban training in Poland [© NATO Multimedia]

UK Op CABRIT troops from the Royal Dragoon Guards deployed on the NATO eFP mission in the Baltic region have been urban training in Poland.


Soldiers from the British Army’s Black Horse Troop of the Royal Dragoon Guards, currently deployed to Poland as part of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battlegroup, conducted a week-long exercise focused on manoeuvring in an urban environment. Troops assigned to NATO’s eFP Battlegroups regularly conduct training courses like this, sharpening their skills while learning how to work alongside Allied soldiers. The eFP Battlegroup in Poland is led by the United States.

This NATO Multimedia footage, captured near Orzysz on Friday 28th January and released today, includes soldiers preparing for training, breaching and clearing rooms and buildings in an urban environment, as well as an interview with eFP Battlegroup Poland Commander Lt Col Craig Broyles, US Army.


Editor’s Comment: Black helmets with visors are worn when Simunition rounds are being used.

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