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Operation Biloxi ~ RAF And US MEDEVAC Exercise – Updated

[Crown Copyright: SAC Katrina Knox]

Deployed personnel from the RAF have been involved in a joint exercise alongside military personnel from the US Forces, including the US Black Hawk Squadron, to realistically simulate a downed aircraft involving mass casualties.


RAF Press Release, 17 August 2018: Personnel from 135 Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW) have been deployed to Romania to conduct the NATO ‘Enhanced Air Policing’ mission. The EAW personnel work and live alongside members of the Romanian Air Force and the various US Forces who are also operating out of Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base.


Image Shows: RAF and US forces simulate a mass casualty training exercise, 18 May 2018 [Crown Copyright: SAC Katrina Knox]

Squadron Leader Andrew Blyth, is the deployed RAF Doctor attached to 135 EAW. He liaised with the US Black Hawk Squadron during the planning phase for the Joint Exercise. He said: “This exercise has taken a lot of planning from all sides, but the value of training closely with our US allies in a realistic mass casualty scenario makes it all worthwhile. Interoperability between the UK and US Medical teams has been instrumental in the past, and maintaining the ability to work together is crucial for potential future operations.”


135 EAW and US Forces personnel grasped the opportunity to train together in this simulated Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) Exercise, to provide realistic training based on integration between the two NATO forces on previous operations.


A Eurofighter Typhoon pilot from 1(Fighter) Squadron deployed as part of 135 EAW, provided Close Air Support, whilst 135 EAW personnel acted as wounded soldiers and air crew on the ground. The deployed RAF Medical Team jumped on board with crews of US personnel from two HH-60 Black Hawks, to intercept the ‘Crash Site’, attend to the staged Casualties and finally evacuate them to the Medical Facility.


Image Shows: RAF medical personnel treating a US simulated causality at Mihail Kogalniceanu airbase in Romania, 18 May 2018 [Crown Copyright: SAC Katrina Knox]

Captain Craig Meree from the US Marine Corps, better known by his call sign ‘Sensor Bob’, acted as the Primary Liaison Officer between the US Forces and the EAW during the exercise. He said: “I’ve worked with the Brits on previous operations, such as in the Gulf Region. There is a very strong relationship between our two nations, and the success of this exercise is proof of that. We trained each other in different techniques, tactics and procedures, and worked together to accomplish our shared mission to secure the aircraft crash site and evacuate the mass casualties to safety.”


  • The RAF is deployed to Romania as part of the NATO ‘Enhanced Air Policing’ mission, where member states will provide assistance to the Romanian Air Force’s own fleet of fast-jet aircraft. Romania is equipped with MiG -21LanceR and the American built F-16 aircraft.
  • 1(Fighter) Squadron is based at RAF Lossiemouth, one of the two QRA station in the UK and one of the first fixed-serving units of the Royal Flying Corps. Aircraft flown have included the Spitfire XI, Phantom, FGR2 and the Tornado GR1A.
  • 1(F) Squadron have conducted Quick Reaction Alert missions from Estonia as part of Baltic Air Policing.
  • The Typhoon is an extremely agile, multirole combat aircraft used in all the RAF’s current operations, capable of being deployed for the full spectrum of air operations, including air policing, peace support and high intensity conflict.

An RAF Pinzgauer 6×6 Ambulance with crew is seen here waiting to off load a causality from a US Black Hawk helicopter, 18 May 2018 [Crown Copyright: SAC Katrina Knox]

Image of US Black Hawk helicopter and RAF Typhon on the runway at Mihail Kogalniceanu airbase in Romania, 18 May 2018 [Crown Copyright: SAC Katrina Knox]


Update: Although the above Press Release images issued by the RAF on 17th August 2018 are dated 18th May, on 21st August the US DoD issued images (below) of what appears to be the same Joint Training Exercise in Romania dated 16th August.

RAF medical personnel with British 135th Expeditionary Air Wing prepare to move notionally-wounded Marines with Black Sea Rotational Force 18.1 to a US Army HH-60 during a MEDEVAC drill at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base, Romania, Aug. 16, 2018 [US Marine Corps: Cpl Abrey Liggins]

RAF medical personnel evacuate a notionally-injured Marine at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base, Aug. 16, 2018 – the training simulated the MEDEVAC of notionally-injured Marines and civilians, validating combined, joint-integrated medical procedures in the event of a mass casualty incident [US Marine Corps: Cpl Abrey Liggins]


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