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British Army To Lose MASTIFF and RIDGBACK

MASTIFF 6x6 Protected Patrol Vehicle [©Bob Morrison]
It has today been confirmed in Parliament that the MASTIFF and RIDGBACK plus WOLFHOUND fleets are being removed from British Army service.


In response to a 29th June written question from Kevan Jones MP, former Shadow Minister for the Armed Forces, asking the Secretary of State for Defence” what his policy is on the future of (a) Mastiff and (b) other legacy Army vehicles,” the Minister of State for Defence Procurement, Jeremy Quin MP, today answered:-

“The Army continues to rationalise its legacy vehicle fleets, work commenced in 2017 under the Land Environment Fleet Optimisation Plan. This work has already removed 2,831 vehicles from service and disposed of a number of legacy vehicle fleets. The next strand of this work seeks to remove several further legacy vehicle types from service, including the disposal of the MASTIFF, RIDGEBACK [sic] and WOLFHOUND fleets.”

Background: MASTIFF is a heavily armoured 6×6 PPV (Protected Patrol Vehicle) first deployed operationally to Afghanistan on Operation HERRICK in late 2006. RIDGBACK is the smaller 4×4 variant introduced for better mobility in Afghan villages and WOLFHOUND is the 6×6 HTSV (Heavy Tactical Support Vehicle) variant.

[images © Bob Morrison]

RIDGBACK 4×4 Protected Patrol Vehicle [©Bob Morrison]
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