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New Army Physical Employment Standards Unveiled

A PTI sergeant runs Scots Guards and RAMC personnel through the new RMT 1 Loaded March test which forms part of the forthcoming PES for Close Combat Soldiers [© Bob Morrison]

The new British Army Physical Employment Standards fitness tests for Close Combat Soldiers were unveiled earlier today at the RAPTC School in Aldershot, writes Bob Morrison.


News in brief: The new physical standards were introduced by Field Army Sergeant Major Gavin Paton who provided context and details of the existing system and explained why the British Army is making changes. The Physical Training Corps Master at Arms, who is the senior fitness instructor for the Army along with other Physical Training Instructors and soldiers, men and women, from the Scots Guards and the Royal Army Medical Corps wearing combat uniform then demonstrated the new tests.

We will bring readers more details of precisely what the new ‘gender-neutral’ battle fitness test involves once we have processed everything we saw and heard today at what turned out to be a very interesting and informative facility.

An RAMC lance corporal undertakes the new RMT 6 Repeated Lift & Carry test under close scrutiny of a PTI from the Royal Army Physical Training Corps  [© Bob Morrison]

Footnote: This PES is intended for soldiers in the Close Combat Role – i.e. predominantly the Infantry – and is just one of three fitness test standards being introduced over the next 12-15 months.

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