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Defence Vehicle Dynamics 2018 Underway

Oshkosh JLTV demonstrating its mobility [©BM]

The biennial Defence Vehicle Dynamics expo opened today at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire, writes Bob Morrison.


DVD is first and foremost a showcase for new and evolving military vehicles and technology, but naturally manufacturers and suppliers of Dismounted Close Combat kit also attend the expo.


New VIRTUS patrol pack now on issue [©BM]

In addition to snapping proposed wheeled military vehicle solutions such as JLTV and MIV – Joint Light Tactical Vehicle and Mechanised Infantry Vehicle – out on Millbrook’s off-road tracks, we also grabbed the opportunity to photograph both static exhibits like the BAE Systems Challenger 2 Mk.2 Main Battle Tank and items of new personal equipment like the VIRTUS 3 patrol pack.

As tomorrow will be another frenetic day at Millbrook, and as there is a very interesting new aspect of military training to be covered in Hampshire on Friday, full DVD 2018 coverage will need to wait for another day; but rest assured that there are plenty of interesting stories in the pipeline.

Rheinmetall BOXER MIV contender on the off-road course [©BM]

BAE Systems Challenger 2 Mk.2 Life Extension Project prototype [©BM]



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