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SOF Week Replaces SOFIC In 2023

Library image of a US Army 5th SFG team at King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center, Jordan 2018 [© Bob Morrison]

US Special Operations Command has contacted JOINT-FORCES with the following statement informing that SOF Week replaces SOFIC in 2023.


MacDill AFB, Florida, 20 December 2022: “We’d like to clarify that although we will not be hosting ‘SOFIC’ with our previous partner, the National Defense Industrial Association, Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and the Global SOF Foundation (GSF) will host a Special Operations Forces (SOF) Week 8-11 May.

“SOF Week is the expansion and rebranding of the annual USSOCOM industry conference. An industry conference will still be part of SOF Week, as well as the USSOCOM Annual Awards Ceremony and Dinner, where we recognize new Bull Simons and Lambertsen awardees.

“SOF Week reflects more accurately USSOCOM’s interest not just in bringing together its community for industry collaboration, but also for professional development, internal networking, spouse association and partnerships.”


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