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Croatian Special Forces and US Navy SEALs

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Croatian Special Forces teamed up with US Navy SEALs to hone their Special Operations water skills near the Adriatic city of Split.


Special Operations on dry land are one thing – but quite another in the water. Special Operations Forces from Croatia and the US linked up near the Adriatic city of Split to practise underwater infiltration, ship boarding and beach assaults. By training together in a challenging operational environment, the two teams of elite commandos got to exchange tactics.

US Special Operations Forces regularly conduct Joint Combined Exchange Training, or JCET, with NATO Allied and partner forces. These training exercises ensure that, in the event of a crisis, NATO’s most elite forces can perform high-risk tasks together seamlessly.

This NATO Multimedia footage, shot in April but only recently released, includes shots of Croatian and US operators diving, swimming and simulating taking down a ship, as well as interviews with the Chief of the Croatian General Staff and the Croatian Special Forces Commander.

Shot list:-

  • 00:00 ~ Croatian Special Forces and US Navy SEALs emerge from water with weapons
  • 00:29 ~ Navy SEALs In Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat (RHIB)
  • 00:35 ~ RHIBs approaching
  • 00:38 ~ Notional hijacker firing rifle
  • 00:42 ~ RHIB with Croatian Special Forces pulling alongside ship
  • 00:44 ~ Navy SEALs boarding ship from RHIB
  • 00:57 ~ Croatian Special Forces boarding ship
  • 01:33 ~ US Navy SEALs on ship
  • 01:58 ~ Chief of the Croatian General Staff Robert Hranj speaking to Croatian and American Operators
  • 02:03 ~ Croatian and American Operators
  • 02:06 ~ American Flag patch
  • 02:09 ~ RHIBs moving at high speed
  • 02:16 ~ Navy SEALs preparing for dive
  • 02:25 ~ Navy SEALs entering water
  • 02:32 ~ Navy SEALs entering water (courtesy of US Special Operations Command Europe)
  • 02:38 ~ Navy SEALs swimming underwater
  • 02:59 ~ Navy Seal emerging from water (courtesy of US Special Operations Command Europe)
  • 03:03 ~ Navy SEALs emerging from water
  • 03:06 ~ Boot emerging from water (courtesy of US Special Operations Command Europe)
  • 03:09 ~ Navy SEALs exiting water
  • 03:20 ~ Croatian Operators exiting water
  • 03:29 ~ Croatian Operators entering water
  • 03:51 ~ Croatian divers emerging from water with weapons
  • 04:08 ~ Croatian divers climbing out of water via caving ladder
  • 04:30 ~ Navy SEALs preparing grappling hook to attach caving ladder
  • 04:35 ~ Navy SEALs exiting water on caving ladder
  • 05:01 ~ Soundbite (Croatian): Admiral Robert Hranj, Chief of the Croatian General Staff. “Military exercises always remind us of what an army vocation really is. It is to be ready to defend the homeland, and you become that only through persistent and constant practice and professionalism.”
  • 05:17 ~ Soundbite (Croatian): Admiral Robert Hranj. “The Croatian Armed Forces are ready and willing to take their share of the burden and responsibility in collective defence, both of the Alliance, Allies and partners.”
  • 05:31 ~ Soundbite (Croatian): Major ‘Marko’, Commander, Croatian Special Forces. “The advantage of these exercises with our strategic partners is the exchange of experiences. We have some experience and knowledge from our fields of activity, our missions and areas of interest. Also, our strategic partner, the American security forces, which have their own arrangements around the world and the experiences they gain there, they bring to our joint exercises. Thus, there is an exchange of experiences where, in a way, their experience also exists, and vice versa, so we develop various types of abilities and possibilities.”


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