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12th Annual Warrior Competition In Jordan ~ Day Four Update

Targets left! A team reacts with live rounds to 'hostiles' as they patrol through the combat town on the URBAN ASSAULT event [© Bob Morrison]

The sun has now set on Day Four of the 12th Annual Warrior Competition at KASOTC in Jordan and the top teams are readying for THE KING’S CHALLENGE.


Only the top ten teams on the leaderboard tonight will participate in THE KING’S CHALLENGE tomorrow, in an event which will see them navigate their way around most of the extensive KASOTC (King Abdullah II Special Operations Center) facility, carrying out set SpecOps tasks and taking down a wide variety of targets out on the firing ranges. Understandable safety restrictions out on the course will prevent us covering much of the Challenge itself, but as on behalf of JOINT-FORCES I have been granted exceptional access to cover all individual events to date I’m certainly not complaining.

A team starts the stiff climb to the sniper point overlooking the combat town at the start of URBAN ASSAULT event [© Bob Morrison]

Today’s two events were URBAN ASSAULT, held mostly in the extensive urban combat area, and THE FULL MONTE, both on and close to the Commando Tower. Once again the 40 teams were split into two groups to tackle one event in the morning and the other after lunch. I spent much of my time on the URBAN ASSAULT to try to ensure I had photographed as many teams as possible on the penultimate day, but I rounded off by snapping a handful of teams as they tackled THE FULL MONTE. I plan to pen more detail once back at base after concluding my next assignment.

A sniper abseils down the Commando Tower after engaging targets at long range at the start of THE FULL MONTE [© Bob Morrison]

CORRECTED: To bring you up to speed on the Day Three results, the ASYLUM was won by Qatar Special Forces Team 1, Second Place went to Qatar Special Forces Team 2, and Brunei’s RPK (Regimen Pasukan Khas) took Third Place. On the SNIPER EXTREME event Qatar Special Forces Team 1 again took First Place, Qatar Special Forces Team 3 took Second Place, and Jordan’s Royal Guard Team 1 came in Third.

THE FULL MONTE concluded with each team member engaging banks of five falling targets after abseiling down the tower and running around a marked course against the clock [© Bob Morrison]

To be continued…


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