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Snugpak Essential Wash Bag

Snugpak Essential Wash Bag - full and ready to go off with me on my travels [©BM]
I have long been a user of the Snugpak Pakbox range of organisers so was delighted to be offered their Essential Wash Bag for review, writes Bob Morrison.


In this line of business our small team do a fair bit of travelling – Carl, Mike and myself are all away from home at the moment – so anything lightweight which can both help make our lives more organised and reduce the weight we have to carry is always welcome.

The Essential Wash Bag is made from the same ripstop material as the handy and hard-wearing Snugpak Pakbox range [©BM]

The Snugpak Essential Wash Bag, which weighs just 180g (around six ounces) including removable mini-mirror and stainless steel hanging hook, is manufactured from similar heavy duty polyester ripstop fabric as the Pakbox range so I know from several years of experience that it will be hard-wearing. At present this small wash bag (a larger double compartment Luxury Wash Bag is produced in three colours) is only available in olive green, but I reckon most of our readers will not see that as an issue and most will no doubt deem this advantageous.

The design of this wash bag is essentially single compartment, with a double action zip allowing 180° opening and a tuck-away hanging strap with hook which turns it into a suspended ‘bathroom cabinet’ when one is on the move. Inside the main compartment there are three small mesh pockets for bottles on the lower rear face and an open pocket area with mesh front ahead of this for larger items. Under the lid there are two horizontally zipped pockets, the lower and smaller of which is mesh-fronted, and behind these there is a deep open topped pocket into which the hanging hook tucks.

Just some of the travel essentials inside my wash bag – pills and plasters have their own separate zipped pocket and smaller bits go in the lower zipped pocket [©BM]

In many aspects of my life I am quite a disorganised person, which drives those of the fairer sex who care about me a little bit mad, but when I am travelling I have to get my act together to avoid either leaving out kit I really need for the job or taking too much unnecessary gear; budget airline luggage weight restrictions can also be the bane of my life. The Snugpak Essential Wash Bag does pretty much what it says on the tin, or on the front panel to be exact, and is sized so that one does not cram in too much unnecessary or heavy kit.

Note elasticated strap on rear face – mesh pockets allow the user to easily see the contents without fumbling around – mini wine bottle is actually a corkscrew and bottle opener so most definitely a travel essential [©BM]

At time of writing I am out in Drawsko Pomorskie and this wash bag is holding everything I need for six days away from base (of which two days are taken up by travel due to COVID-19 flight and train restrictions). For flying the wash bag goes in my 10kg hold luggage to avoid the necessary airport security liquids aggro, but when on the ground it is small and light enough to go in my Source ASSAULT 20 daysack.

Snugpak Essential Wash Bag on assignment in Poland – note also Snukpak Pakboxes [©BM]

For more detail on either wash bag or to order online go to this page on Snugpak.com

[images © Bob Morrison]

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