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Redesigned SNUGPAK Tactical Face Covers

The new design SNUGPAK face cover - here in tactical Olive - is better contoured and a more comfortable fit [©BM]
Yorkshire manufacturers SNUGPAK, known primarily for their insulated clothing and rucksacks etc., have now redesigned their PPE face covers, writes Bob Morrison.


Two months ago, with spare capacity becoming available as the unprecedented demand for PPE (Personal Protective equipment) from the health and care sectors eased off a little, SNUGPAK started to offer PPE face covers to the public and we reviewed some of the first examples – see Tactical Face Covers From SNUGPAK.

As explained to us by one of the Yorkshire manufacturer’s Directors, by early June they had “moved all mask production to workers who cannot get into the factory but have machines at home so [they could] concentrate on getting the traditional SNUGPAK product through as demand starts to pick up”. These initial two-ply Paratex Light washable and reusable face covers were of simple pleated rectangular design, as machinists could cut, sew and press that style very easily at home, but two months down the line production has now gone over to the slightly more complex but much more comfortable shape which better mimics the contour of the face.

Other than the new shape, the latest masks are materially the same as before so I won’t bore you by repeating the original review, save to confirm that both Medium and Large sizes are produced for grown-ups and a Small size is available for kids. Our review samples are the Large version and ideally as Hannah has a petite face, even though she is three inches taller than me, she should be wearing Medium – but I’m sure readers would much rather see her pretty face than my ugly mug. A choice of five colours plus DPM Camo is again available but we have just concentrated on the tactical options of Olive and Camo; though not a perfect match, both are reasonably compatible with MTP (Multi-Terrain Pattern) or MultiCam camouflage uniforms and if in the field they blend in much better than cheap & cheerful powder blue disposable face coverings.

The contoured version in DPM Camo ~ masks are available with or without brading [©BM]

To read more about the SNUGPAK reusable PPE range, including Scrubs and Gown, available for individual purchase go to the Outdoor section of SNUGPAK.co.uk or click on this SNUGPAK PPE link.

Original pleared design Black, Olive and DPM SNUGPAK face covers [©BM]

[images © Bob Morrison]

Footnote: Hannah, who kindly agreed to model the face coverings for this review, is a professional and classically trained soprano who, like almost everyone on the live music scene, is currently still unable to perform indoor gigs. If any reader is thinking of organising a post-Lockdown corporate event or wedding etc. in south-west England and needs an experienced singer, click on her name to go to her website.

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