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New Travel Bag ~ From BCB International

As previously mentioned, BCB International of Cardiff have introduced a new range of handy civilian pouch kits and we now look at their Travel Bag, writes Bob Morrison.


Picture the scene. It’s early Bank Holiday Sunday evening, the shops are all closed, and I am away from home in the big city. “Bob, I’ve broken a nail and I don’t have my manicure set!”

BCB Travel Bag zipped pouch [©BM]

Being a bit of a ‘belt & braces’ sort of guy, which is probably understandable after 20 years of occasional writing on Survival topics, naturally I have the means to sort that little problem for Chloe. Although travelling relatively light, as this was just a short trip and not one of my normal assignments which invariably involve several days away from home, I still chucked one of the new range of BCB pouch kits into my overnight bag… just in case!

This Travel Bag pouch kit from the Cardiff manufacturer contains a load of useful stuff for the traveller – well it would do, wouldn’t it – and though one of them, the mosquito head net, would probably only be useful in the UK at the end of May if contemplating battling with Scottish midges, the rest of the contents could well come in quite handy on any short trip.

The one item in this kit which I did not think I would require was the nine-piece (ten if you include the zipped case) manicure set, which includes: scissors x2; nail clippers; tweezers; double-sided file; and several other implements which I don’t have a clue what they are used for. If my nail splits or breaks I just usually bite it… which is why I have terrible nails. Chloe, on the other hand, keeps her nails really neat.

Packed pouch with folded pocket panel [©BM]

Other Travel Bag contents include: a two-piece travel toothbrush; a very neat rotating head razor, which twists back into its handle; a set of four spare twin razor blades; a soap dish, so you can save waste and reuse those little free bars from your hotel room or carry your own preferred make with you; a tiny pair of folding scissors, which might not unduly upset airport security if accidentally carried in hand luggage; a button compass, possibly useful for finding your way back to your hotel room after a heavy evening on the town; a mini LED torch on a keyring, for finding your way to the loo in the middle of the night without needing to turn on the light; a pack of assorted plasters, which those who wear new high heels out on the town could find very useful; a KFS (knife, fork & spoon) set, for those who don’t eat their late night takeaway with their fingers; a pack of 25 military grade wet wipes, for cleaning hands if you don’t use the KFS; an Ultra Light Towel, which folds up quite small; a small roll of duct tape which, among other uses, I suspect might come in useful for fixing a broken heel; and a set of ten snapseal polythene bags in two sizes, which are very handy for keeping spare, or used, clothes neat and tidy in your daysack or overnight bag.

Pocket panel unfolded [©BM]

All these items are contained in one of the larger of the BCB zipped pouches with clear front panel, internal pocket set, external window pocket on the rear face, belt loops, and carrying handle. Being bright red with dayglo yellow nylon tapes these pouches are definitely non-tactical, but they are easy to locate and of course are not intended to be tactical even though some of the contents have migrated over from BCB military survival sets and kits.

To check out this Travel Bag and the full range of BCB pouch kits go to the BCBadventure.info online shop. Also now available from many good outdoor shops.

[images © Bob Morrison ]

Gallery from top left to bottom right:-

  • Manicure set – this item has already seen use.
  • Toothbrush, razor, mini-torch, KFS, folding scissors & button compass atop travel towel.
  • Manicure set, duct tape, plasters, wet wipes & soap dish with spare razor blade atop mozzie head net.
  • Back of pouch showing belt loops and clear window pocket.

[images © Bob Morrison ]

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