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GP Batteries ~ Trav O Safe Power Bank

To keep pace with changes in IATA air travel regulations GP Batteries have produced the Travo Safe, enabling travellers to take a recharging device in their cabin baggage.


Mike Gormley reports: This device from GP Batteries is especially handy for those who travel light with no hold baggage; the unit weighs in at 222 grammes.


The 3800mAh Nickel Metal Hydride powered unit is good to repower phones and tablets via the normal USB connector and can be recharged itself via similar means. The unit has internal electronic protection, so it should not be possible to overcharge/undercharge, among other things. A short cable supplied.


The Trav O Safe Power Bank is compact and seems to be very robust. There is a recessed control button to activate it to transfer charge to your device and an LED indicator. Good for the lightweight traveller. More to come from GP in the future, but see gpbatteries.com for the full range.


Editor’s Footnote: GP Batteries also produce a range of conventional rechargeable AA and AAA etc. batteries. I have recently been using their ReCyko+ Pro AAA NIMH batteries in various devices, both self-charging and not, and have found them to give excellent life. More will follow in due course.

The editor has been using ReCyko+ Pro rechargeables for various small devices [© Bob Morrison]

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