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SLEEK & TIDE ~ EyePro From Wiley X

Finding the full range of Wiley X eye protection models in the UK has sometimes been quite difficult, but now our Manchester-based friends at Military1st are advertising no less that 60 models in their EyePro section of their website.

I have owned US APEL (Authorized Protective Eyewear List) Wiley X wraparound ballistic sunglasses for many years, so I am well aware of the brand and its strengths. At time of writing the Californian company has five different models APEL-approved, three Spectacles and two Goggles, but their full range of EyePro is much broader.

Wiley X TIDE has deeper sides and fits a medium to large head [© BM]

As a change from wraparounds, when Military1st gave us the option to pick any from their Eyewear page I decided to go for two of their more conventional spectacles which also feature their Removeable Facial Cavity system and come with smoke grey lenses as standard. The TIDE GREY LENS/MATTE BLACK FRAME model comes from their Black Ops range and the SLEEK GREY LENS/MATTE BLACK FRAME is a more mainstream slimline equivalent; the frame of the former blocks out more light from the side and the latter may have appeal for female wearers as it looks less chunky.

Wiley X SLEEK has thinner sides and fits the small to medium head [© BM]

Both featured models, which have a Matte Black frame and Smoke Grey lenses come with a black zipped semi-rigid clamshell protective case containing a leash cord retaining strap and a microfibre cleaning cloth; the leash cord has rubber temple grips for attachment and the TIDE also has an alternative T-peg retaining strap. The Removeable Facial Cavity seal fitted to both of these models is a simple clip-in padded frame to turn the spectacles into close-fitting goggles which will keep out dust and grit but still allow ventitation to stop lenses fogging.

Both models have a removable padded section  (RFC) for keeping dust and debris out [© BM]

The TIDE is sized for medium to large heads and the SLEEK is for small to medium: full product specifications are available on the Wilex.com website. Both models feature shatterproof Selenite™ polycarbonate lenses that meet ANSI Z87.1-2010 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Standards, as well as US Federal OSHA 1910.133(b)(1)(1) Standards, and give 100% UVA/UVB protection with distortion-free clarity T-Shell™ lens coating which resists scratching in extreme environment.

The RFC seal is intended to protect eyes from fine dust, pollen and irritants, as well as peripheral light, and the smoke grey lens are intended to provide maximum glare reduction with no color distortion. The spectacles are also Rx-ready for those who require prescription correction lenses.

To buy online go to Military1st.co.uk

Both have a leash cord and cleaning cloth [© BM]

Wiley X SLEEK and TIDE are quite similar [© BM]

Each pair comes with a zipped clamshell case for protection – TIDE (centre) is also supplied with a T-peg strap for use in preference to the leash cord [© BM]

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