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OTS 2019 ~ Summit To Eat

Summit To Eat 5 Bean Cassoulet – one of two new vegan meals [©BM]
Outdoor Trade Show 2019 gave us a chance to talk to manufacturers and distributors of freeze-dried meals, including Preston’s Summit To Eat, writes Bob Morrison.


We first talked to the Summit To Eat team, a brand belonging to Lancashire military ration pack component supplier European Freeze Dry Ltd. at last year’s OTS, when their range consisted of two Breakfast pouches, eight Main Meals, and three Dessert pouches. For 2019 they have added two new main meal pouches, Spicy Pasta Arrabiata and 5 Bean Cassoulet, both of which are vegan / vegetarian dishes; this means four of their ten main meals are vegetarian, as are all breakfasts and desserts.

Summit To Eat meals are instantly recognisable by their yellow pack colour [©BM]

Over the last few days I have sampled both of these new meals, which each provide 600kcal of energy. The 156g pasta pouch requires 420ml to reconstitute and the 102g cassoulet pouch requires 280ml. Fill lines are printed inside the pouch to assist proper reconstitution, which should take less than ten minutes. Instructions, including a warning to remove the oxygen absorber pack first, are given on the back of the bright yellow pouches. In addition to individual meals, Summit To Eat freeze-dried foods are also available in four-pouch Festival Packs and ten-meal Expedition Pack cartons.

Although I am not vegetarian or vegan, I quite enjoyed the bean cassoulet and really liked the pasta. The latter had a bit of a kick and was my favourite of the two new pouches.

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[ images © Bob Morrison ]

Information is given in five languages on the rear of the pouch [©BM]
Fill lines are printed on the inside face of the pouch [©BM]
The Spicy Arrabiata Pasta was my preferred choice of the two new vegan meals [©BM]

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