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Field Rations 01A ~ Russian IRP Album

Pâté with Crackers and Chicken with Vegetables from a Russian 24-hour IRP [© Bob Morrison]

Album of Russian INDIVIDUAL’NYY RATSION PITANIYA images to accompany this review:-

Field Rations 01 ~ Russian IRP

Beef Stew (left) and Rice with Chicken and Vegetables main course foil trays [© BM]

From top left: Goulash, Salted Salmon and pâté foil trays and tubs [© BM]

Clockwise from top: Vegetable Caviare , Apple Purée and Processed Cheese foil tubs [© BM]

Four packs of 8 crackers – two sweet and two savoury [© BM]

Accessories include plastic cutlery, wipes, salt & pepper, sterilising tablets chewing gum, multivitamin tablet etc. [©BM]

Brew kit includes 3x cold drink powders, 3x sugar, 1x coffee, 2x teabags and 1x creamer – photo also shows chocolate bar and apple preserve sachet [© BM]

Pressed metal stove, 3x fuel tablets, 6x matches and 1x striker are included for heating dishes and water for hot drinks [© BM]

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Images © Bob Morrison

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