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Something different ~ A Range Rover V7 Tale From Frank Elson

When I first met Frank 'Blues & Soul' Elson he was driving a Series III Land Rover but these days his old bones prefer the comfort of this Range Rover [© Frank Elson]

Land Rover scribe Frank Elson, a legend in his own lunchtime, tells a tale about a Range Rover V7 as his April blog about Solihull’s finest.


First of all I must point out that author and retired(?) journalist Frank Elson does not do actually do lunchtime as he is one of those Northern Soul types who partakes of dinner, rather than luncheon, when the little hand reaches 1 on the clock on the kitchen wall.

‘Uncle Frank’, who I have known for over 30 years, may be one of those strange types from the north-west who eat tea instead of dinner (i.e. the meal consumed when the little hand is somewhere between 6 and 9 the second time around) and are into a peculiar type of ‘music’ (think Wigan Casino) that no self-respecting Progressive and Heavy Rock aficionado would have in his or her vinyl collection, but on the other hand he has probably forgotten more about Range Rovers and Land Rovers than I have ever learned. However, I digress.

If you think Range Rover engines only have an even number of cylinders check out the Frank Elson blog to read more.

A rather tasty old Range Rover which Frank tells us should be coming up for sale soon [image via Frank Elson]


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