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La Tarte ~ French Chasseurs Alpins Beret

French Chasseurs Alpins wearing 'la tarte' during BRILLIANT JUMP 22 in Norway [© Bob Morrison]

Good for shielding your eyes, or warming your feet ~ the famous beret of the French Chasseurs Alpins is more than just a stylish headpiece.


The French Army’s Chasseurs Alpins (Alpine Hunters in English) wear a distinctive piece of headgear: an oversized beret they call la tarte, or the pie.

[© NATO Multimedia]
Music: New Boys In Town Instrumental by Andrew Jones

In this NATO Multimedia video clip, filmed earlier this year but released yesterday, 1st Lieutenant Clement from the 27th Brigade Chasseurs Alpins unit explains the various uses of la tarte, from keeping your feet warm to protecting your eyes from the sun. Clement and his fellow mountain infantry soldiers deployed to Rena, Norway for Exercise BRILLIANT JUMP 22, which tested the ability of the very high-readiness component of the NATO Response Force.

Following Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, hundreds of French troops – including the Chasseurs Alpins –have been deployed to Romania to reinforce the Alliance’s east.

Lt Clement wearing la tarte during BRILLIANT JUMP 22 in Norway [© Bob Morrison]


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