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Bahrain Defence Force ~ Camo Special

Bahraini Special Forces officer in four-colour digital camo pattern [©BM]
A visit to the Bahrain International Defence Exhibition and Conference, BIDEC 2019, gave me the chance to photograph current Bahraini camo patterns, writes Bob Morrison.


In the not too distant past I have photographed Bahrain Defence Force Special Forces teams at Warrior Competitions in Jordan so was aware before this visit that the Royal Bahraini Army had started adopting digital camo patterns in 2013, but not having previously worked with the Bahrain National Guard (BNG) until yesterday I was unaware that they have their own distinct non-digital pattern.

Bahrain National Guard range safety officer in non-digital camo [©BM]

When the opportunity arose to visit the National Guard outdoor and indoor firing ranges on a base well outside of the Manama I jumped at the chance, not just because I wanted to visit the base but also because I was keen to see a little more of the island kingdom than its modern capital city. I am glad I did, as a small group of Bahrain Special Forces personnel were taking the opportunity to fire unfamiliar weapons on the ranges and their lieutenant colonel agreed to allow me to take photographs. As this was a National Guard range the safety officers were from that branch of service and this gave me the chance to photograph their camo pattern as well.

It is my intention to research further into these patterns once back in my UK office and in due course I hope to bring a little more detail, but in the meantime here are shots of the three distinct patterns which I believe could be of interest to our camouflage aficionado readers.

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[images © Bob Morrison]

Standard Bahrain Defence Force three-colour digital camo photographed in bright shade [©BM]
Four-colour Bahrain Special Forces pttern photographed in the shade [©BM]
Bahrain National Guard non-digital pattern photographed in bright shade [©BM]
Two BNG SpecOps soldiers in maroon berets wearing MTP behind a Bahraini National Guard in the distinctive standard BNG three-colour camo and light green beret [©BM]
Bahrain Special Forces operator on the indoor range at the National Guard base [©BM]
Bahrain Defence Force soldier wearing standard digital camouflage photographed indoors [©BM]

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