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Camping Gaz Party Grill 400 CV BBQ and Stove

Jean making use of her Far Eastern culinary skills knocking up a stir fry using the upturned Party Grill stove cover as a wok [©MG]

Camping Gaz has made cooking outside very easy with the Party Grill 400 CV Camping BBQ & Stove, writes Mike Gormley.


This could very easily have been my shortest and easiest review. All I needed to say really was “Its brilliant, get one”.

Camping Gaz Party Grill 400 CV in ‘kit form’ showing its various components [©MG]

This little portable mobile BBQ, another find at the Outdoor Trade Show, is excellent in my view. As we head into summer, hopefully we will be able to cook outdoors from breakfast in the sun to evening barbecues with friends.

The Party Grill from Camping Gaz can easily and safely be used on a suitable table top as seen here [©MG]

As I write this with rain and sun passing through on an hourly rotation, the simplicity of this stove enables me to pop out and cook up something tasty between the showers. With this, it is easy to ‘annoy’ the neighbours as you cook up a bacon and egg breakfast and those smells drift over the fence.

More my sort of cooking than Jean’s stir-fry, the Party Grill is ideal to rustle up a great morning breakfast [©MG]
As the good things are cooking inside with heat kept in by the cover, the beans can be kept warm on the top [©MG]

Whoever designed this little gem did a good job. It is relatively small and light, so highly mobile; back-packable too, if not so far to go. This portable Party Grill 400 CV is certainly not just for a party. It has endless scope for cooking in all sorts of locations, and or course in the garden too. For those that like to cook on to the beach or out by a river and rustle up a meal this is perfect. No need for those not-so-great single use things. I’ll leave this subject there.

Perfect for a quick meal at any time ~ a quick raid on the local farm shop and a fulfilling lunch is on its way [©MG]

This small stove is just perfect to do a cook-up on your own, for just a couple of you or, as the names suggests, if you are having a party. The design of this stove is neat and well thought through. It has five various cooking surfaces which drop in and sit in the three easy to use supports. The top cover also works as a wok if turned upside down.

The flame is lit by the built-in piezo. Gas is from CV300 or CV470 canisters that simply fit onto the base of the cooker. These are readily available and mine seem to last a lot of cooking. The whole cooker is so easy to use. The three legs, good as more stable, screw on and off. The top / wok clips on and it all goes in the supplied carry bag. You can be up and cooking in a very short time… and packed up and gone just as easily.

Knocking up an evening meal on the Party Grill 400 CV from Camping Gaz is a simple process while we enjoy the sun and some Devon cider [©MG]

Now all you need to do is refer to my first comments …..and head off and enjoy your outdoor cheffing.

[images © Mike Gormley]


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