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The Intrepid Explorer Hand and Body Wash

The full range from The Intrepid Explorer company ~ all set for our next expedition with Sunscreen, Insect Repellent and Hair & Body Wash [© Mike Gormley]

These multi-purpose personal care products provide a lightweight solution to enable intrepid explorers to stay environmentally clean, writes Mike Gormley.


I have samples of all three different products from The Intrepid Explorer range but will cover them independently, as I plan to take the other two away on a forthcoming overseas trip so more to come on this range.

We met up with The Intrepid Explorer, a Hampshire-based company, at OTS 2023 in Liverpool and as well as us having an ‘African connection’ their products struck me as being very appropriate to our sort of usage. The quick Hair & Body Wash demo on the show stand was very convincing. Just a tiny amount of the granules was sprinkled onto my hand, was then made damp, and I was told to give my hands a good rub to reconstitute. The transformation from granules to a smooth hand-cleansing foam was astonishing. The first mistake you will probably make when you try this, is to use far too much. For a hand wash it takes just a tiny amount to work up a soothing smooth foam. Once rinsed off, your hands feel refreshed and smooth as well as clean.

For this initial review I am looking at The Intrepid Explorer Hair & Body Wash [©MG]

For the outdoors folks and travellers one of the key features is that a little really goes a long way. It weighs next to nothing and the small 60ml / 31g tube should be sufficient for a good trip away; the company quotes over 100 washes from a tube. In fact for you weight watchers out there, all three products will only add 170g to you pack weight.

A hand wash can be achieved with a very small amount of water, so if you do not have a ready source of the wet stuff you can still get refreshingly clean with just a few drops. Certainly, for a full body and hair wash you will need a few more granules but do not overestimate the amount. A small sprinkle and a good hand rub and you are away.

This range of products is British-made and produced from eco-friendly constituents, so washing out in the wild is not environmentally harmful and won’t make the rivers foam. I’ll be back on these products on my return from our next adventure (the map used in the photos is a clue, Ed.) but in the meantime I suggest the Hair & Body is well worth a try… even for home use.

If you are going out on a wild adventure all three of these will be perfect to slip in the wash kit as they take up next to no space and weigh almost nothing [©MG]

To be continued…

[images © Mike Gormley] [Hand Model ~ Jean Gormley]


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