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Vango Magma Mug Tall 380ml and Vango Bottle 500ml

The Vango Magma Mug Tall 380ml (right) in use on a recent camping expedition [© MG]

From the well respected Vango outdoor brand we have the simple but excellent 380ml Magma Mug Tall and robust stainless steel 500ml Bottle, writes Mike Gormley.


I still have a Vango mug from way back when I very first started doing gear reviews. Things have move on a great deal since then and this latest one from Vango, the Magma Mug Tall 380ml, offers the user a very good to hold stainless steel, plastic coated mug. The outer coating gives a non-slip, as as well as a grippy, surface to hold thereby protecting the user from the heat but importantly giving a securer grip whatever the situation and conditions.

The Magma Tall 380ml fits neatly into the standard mug holder and the non-slip base makes it more secure on a flat surface. It is well able to keep your brew warm, or cold, for a useful amount of time if travelling. The screw-on cap has a simple but secure flip-up top to enable drinking and a separate air vent. It Is all easy to keep clean, a bonus when travelling. There are two sizes of the Magma Mug ~ the Tall as shown, at 380ml capacity, and the Short at 240ml.

Although holding 380ml this shaped mug fits well into a standard vehicle drinks holder [© MG]
Jean enjoying well-earned refreshment from the Vango Bottle 500ml when out on Dartmoor on a recent rare warm day on the moor [© MG]

Turning now to the simply named Bottle 500ml, this is Vango’s contribution to the now classic shape of drinks bottle favoured by many these days. A shape that fits many applications, this double insulated stainless steel flask lends itself well to minimising the amount of single use plastic water bottles. It suits the daily commuter through to the outdoorsman, or woman.

This stainless steel half litre flask is both compact and convenient to use [© MG]

A simple and small screw top seals well and has proved its security in both backpacks while camping, for day-to-day use as well as in vehicles. It is sized to fit the normal vehicle drinks bottle or mug holder. Weight is just 300gms and it holds a full 500ml.

[images © Mike Gormley]


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