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Selk’bag Original 6G Evening Sleeping Bag Suit

Jean chillin’ at home in the Selk'bag when the sun wasn’t quite providing enough warmth in the garden [©MG]

Selk’bag keeps you warm on those chilly evenings as it has a temperature rating (2°C) suitable for use outdoors in the UK for much of year, writes Mike Gormley.


Here in the UK at this time of year as the evenings draw in and get a bit chilly, Selk’bag is the way forward to extending those valued times outside in the open air while still being warm and cosy.

The Selk’bag has a range of uses as I see it. Initially it is a bit of fun when having those times out of doors, either at home or when camping, but really these ‘bags’ can be used at any time when you are static yet need to be able to stay a bit mobile and, importantly, keep warm. In effect the Selk’bag is a wearable sleeping bag. So far, I have not yet spent a night in mine but I really see no reason why not to. I can see one real advantage in that you can stay in your ‘sack’ when you have to pop out in the middle of the night, if you know what I mean! For those who like to fish, stargaze, take photos of the night sky or participate in any one of the many night-time outdoors hobby activities this could be a really handy item of gear to have along.

There is a double-action side-entry zip and plenty of features such as cargo and kangaroo pockets plus elastic hand enclosures [©MG]

These bags have a host of features to make all this work for you. Just climb in and zip up into your own warm and cosy space; but if you then get too warm there are vents to help control this. If it is very chilly there is an effective insulated hood and, if required, the cosy foot boxes / booties can be zipped off to allow more ventilation or to give added mobility. The bottoms of the feet even have an added layer of more robust material for when you go walkabout.

The feet boxes can be unzipped if required ~ note the added layer of material for added protection when walking about [©MG]

The insulation is hollow fibre and the outer shell is weather- / wet-resistant rip-stop nylon with a DWR coating. The garment, if you can call it such, is machine washable which is a good thing considering where you may possibly be using it. These bag suits are fairly bulky but could well be taken on a trip in place of your conventional sleeping bag, so really not just a luxurious extra. The sizing is fairly generous so take a bit of care when choosing your size.

Zipped vents with mesh backing are provided for temperature control [©MG]

Selk’bag was conceived in Chile and tested out in Patagonia, where I plan to be visiting in early 2024, so perhaps we will see some on their home ground. The Selk’bag comes in a variety of colours, including a camo one (Realtree) and also in sizes to suit all. It also comes in its own stuff sack. Our friends at Whitby & Co in Kendal bring the Selk’bag range into the UK.

Jean enjoying her ‘cosy place’ on a recent family camping trip in Cornwall [©MG]

[images ©Mike Gormley]


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