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Estonian Special Operations Command Exercise

Estonian Special Operations Forces training exercise on Saaremaa [© Estonian Defence Forces]

The Estonian Special Operations Command practised crisis-time activities on Saaremaa during an international exercise in December.


Press Release, Tallinn, 06 January 2024: [auto-translated] In December last year, the Special Operations Command [Erioperatsioonide Väejuhatus – EOVJ] organised an international exercise on Saaremaa [island], the purpose of which was to practice crisis-time activities and play out realistic scenarios in cooperation with the K-Komando, the Defence Police Board and foreign partners.

“An exemplary crisis situation was chosen as the time frame, where no state of emergency has been established, but there are signs that the enemy has started preparations for activities against the Estonian State,” said the Special Operations officer who led the exercise. “The exercise can be considered a success because the main goal – practising cooperation with different units – was fulfilled and the training places were identified. The joint understanding and cooperation of the Defence Forces, the Ministry of the Interior and the allies is of significant importance in order to ensure a quick response to various crisis situations.”

The exercise activities took place in different locations across Saaremaa from Kuressaare to Kuivast. Private houses, office buildings and various ports were also used for the exercise, and it was meaningful for the participants that they could practice the units in a real environment. The Special Operations Command would like to thank the Saaremaa National Defence League, the Saaremaa Municipal Government, the Kuressaare Police Station and, of course, all the local residents for their understanding and supportive attitude.

The Special Operations Command is a unit directly subordinate to the Commander of the Defence Forces, which organises unconventional warfare, conducts Special Operations and provides sectoral training both in the Defence Forces and the Defence League. Special Operations are of strategic importance in Estonia’s independent defence capability. It is a part of the activities of the defence forces, which is carried out by a unit formed, equipped and trained for this purpose in support of other units or in isolation, using different tactics and different methods from other units.


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