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GM Defense ISV Multi-Mission and Logistics Variants

Two-seat ISV-2 Multi-Mission and Logistics variant at AUSA 2023 [© GM Defence: Guido Leifhelm]

The Multi-Mission and Logistics variants from GM Defence are two- or four/five-seat versions of the US Army’s new Infantry Squad Vehicle or ISV, writes Bob Morrison.


Unveiled at AUSA 2023 last month, the Multi-Mission and Logistics (MML) ISV-2 and ISV-4 variants are said to “leverage the proven and fielded nine-passenger ISV platform and General Motors’ advanced commercial technology to offer a modern, reliable tactical military mobility solution.” On logistics grounds we were unable to cover the AUSA 2023 expo in Washington but fortunately GM Defence sent us some images to tide us over until these interesting variants make an appearance on this side of the Atlantic.

Two-seat ISV-2 Multi-Mission and Logistics variant at AUSA 2023 [© GM Defence: Guido Leifhelm]

Quoting straight from the company’s promotional material: “Based on the award-winning Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, the ISV is comprised of 90 percent commercial-off-the-shelf components, including eleven suspension and chassis upgrades from Chevrolet Performance off-road racing parts. Built for sustained operations in austere environments with minimal support capacity, the parts are easily accessible and maintainable, and may be obtained through GM’s existing global supply chain.”

The two-seat MML ISV-2, which shares common parts and components with other variants within the ISV family and has an empty weight below 5000lbs or 2232kg, has a large cargo bed at the rear which can be adapted for a broad range of mission profiles. It is air transportable inside a CH/MH-47 Chinook and maintains the rugged characteristics of the original Infantry Squad Vehicle. The four-seat MML ISV-4 has a second row of two seats to allow a specialist team of four to be transported along with their mission equipment on a smaller rear cargo bed.

According to the manufacturer the key attributes of the ISV are:-

  • Ultra-light and rapidly deployable: Weighing less than 5000 pounds/2232 kilogrammes, it can be deployed or inserted through C-17, C-130 and A-400M low-velocity air drop, internally transportable in a CH/MH-47 Chinook, CH-53E Super Stallion, CH-53K King Stallion or as a sling-load under a UH-60 Blackhawk
  • Agile: Provides tactical mobility solution that previously would have required coordination of complex logistical movements
  • Off-road performance: Features 2.8L Duramax turbo diesel I4 engine with six-speed transmission, high and low four-wheel drive with front and rear locking differentials that deliver responsive power, high-end torque and traction management able to overcome complex off-road conditions
  • Maintainability: Built for sustained operations in austere environments with accessible commercial parts that may be obtained through GM’s existing global supply chain
  • Adaptable: Offers customisation and can accommodate additional lethality and defence mission systems to support operational needs
  • Safe: Leverages GM’s extensive racing experience to deliver first class safety features, including a Roll Over Protection System, electronic stability control and anti-lock braking systems
Nine-seat configuration ISV displayed in the main boulevard at DSEI 2023 [© Bob Morrison]

In a fact sheet issued by the US Army Acquisition Support Center, the basic operational capabilities of the ISV, as ordered in 2020, include:-

  • Nine-man squad carrying capability
  • Payload of 3,200 pounds
  • External sling load by a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter
  • Internal load / external lift by CH-47 Chinook helicopter
  • Low-velocity air drop by fixed-wing C-130 or C-17 transport aircraft
  • Exceptional mobility over all terrains
Nine-seat configuration ISV during in the IDEX 2023 mobility display in Abu Dhabi [© Bob Morrison]

Basic dimensions for the ISV family are given by the manufacturer as:-

  • L x W x H: 5260x2076x1877mm (over ROPS)
  • Ground Clearance 345mm
  • Approach Angle: 46.1˚
  • Break-over Angle: 26.4˚
  • Departure Angle: 42.0˚
  • Kerb Weight: >2268kg
  • Payload: 1450kg


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