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Craghoppers Unisex Nosilife Packable Cap II

On a day out into the edge of the Andes to see volcanoes in the Patagonian sun the Craghoppers Unisex Nosilife Packable Cap II was in constant use [©JG]

The Craghoppers Unisex Packable Cap II is perfect for the traveller especially those going to where the insects can be found.


We probably all have a cap, or several, and also find most can be difficult to pack away when not in use without deforming the peak which is normally quite a rigid structure. Well, the designers at Craghoppers have thought this out and come up with what is really a simple solution and it works.

Jean proving the Craghoppers cap’s adjuster is able to keep the headgear on in a strong breeze aboard ship [MG]

When we are not wearing our caps we usually need to stow them somewhere handy; a pocket or the top of the rucksack where they are at hand for when next required. We took this one from Craghoppers on our recent trip to the Southern Hemisphere and it proved to be very handy indeed in the most varied conditions that we encountered. Not only does the peak fold neatly in the middle so the cap can be folded flat but it recovers to its original shape with no issues.

This cap is also a very comfortable item to wear whatever the weather. It has a moisture-wicking inner mesh to help control the sweat when the going gets a bit warm. The headband is of soft feel fabric which not only feels good but helps to keep the cap secure and also aid the fit. It is a ‘one size fits all cap’ and there is an unusual adjuster at the back. This is very easy to operate, bearing in mind this is often done single-handed and behind the head out of sight. Adjustments can be made on the go, so if the breeze picks up a quick tug on the elasticated adjuster cord and the cap is safe. Releasing it is done by pressing the button. Believe me on our recent trip this happened often. The cord also has an attachment tag so a keeper cord can be attached or it can be used hang the cap up.

Here at the sunny but breezy Magellan Monument in Puerto Arenas the Packable Cap was also on its travels [MG]

If you venture into the warm areas where the bugs like to live, and we did on our trip, this cap is treated with Craghoppers Nosilife which helps to dissuade the biting things from attacking you. In the warmer areas of Chile, on a kayaking trip and visiting some wet national parks, this seemed to work. Nosilife is said to last the life of the garment.

The Cap itself is largely made from recycled materials. It comes in two colours, Black Pepper and Pebble, which mine is. This handy item of headgear has already done a few trips and is about to head off on another… with many more to come I am sure.

While out on a kayaking trip in Chile the cap was perfect for my needs and was easy to fold and pop into a pocket if not in use [JG]

[images © Mike or Jean Gormley]


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