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HAIX Connexis Force Air Mid-Height Boot

HAIX Connexis Force Air mid-height boot photographed after my trip to Saudi Arabia [© Bob Morrison]

I have now had the chance to try out one of the new Connexis range from HAIX and opted for the mid-height Force Air model in Coyote, writes Bob Morrison.


The HAIX Connexis range first caught my eye at MiliPol 2023 in Paris last October because of its intriguing built-in fascia tape which the Bavarian design team claim invigoratingly stimulates the foot muscles. As I was heading out to the comparative warmth of Saudi Arabia, I opted for the mid-height non-membrane Connexis Force Air version in coyote tan which I reckoned could make a good desert boot… and I wasn’t wrong.

HAIX Connexis Force Air mid-height boot [©BM]
Sole pattern on the HAIX Connexis Force Air boots [©BM]

First the basics of this 13cm / 5” boot, which is available in both Male and Female fits with the latter being produced on a narrower last. The well padded uppers are produced from hydrophobic and breathable 1.6 to 1.8mm split cow leather, perforated for ventilation, with a soft and breathable textile lining for comfort. The gusset of the padded tongue extends above the first lacing eye position to keep out the dust and the heel is protected by an extension of the composite rubber sole. The design of this three-layer ‘Energy Return’ sole is the company’s own, and its anti-static and oil-resistant tread pattern is designed to be both grippy and self-cleaning. The contoured composite cushioned insole is both moisture wicking and washable.

The six position Smart Lacing System (ends tuck into a stretchy pocket on the tongue) on each side is a combination of lace loops at the lower four positions and nylon lacing tunnels at the top two positions, but what makes the Connexis system different is the fascia tape lace tunnel at the fifth position on the inside of the foot. According to the HAIX product sheet: “By pulling on the fascia tape, the fasciae in the sole of the foot are lightly stimulated to reduce negative effects on the musculoskeletal system and maintain performance.” To be honest I cannot scientifically prove whether or not this works as stated, nor can I decide if it is a clever marketing ploy, as there did not appear to be much noticeable difference when I fastened the laces tight or left them slightly looser. However after several long days trudging around in these boots on hard expo hall floor surfaces, tarmac vehicle display areas and runway aprons at a warm WDS 24 my feet did not feel particularly tired so maybe the system just quietly works its magic without much fuss.

As always with HAIX boots, the Connexis Force Air model was quite stiff and rigid when first put on and it took a couple of days of general and travel wear before my arrival at the venue to break them in, but on the other hand the company’s construction methods result in long-lasting footwear so a couple of days of preparation beforehand are a small price to pay for longevity. I did not get too much opportunity to try these boots out in deep sand on this trip, though I did make some short forays out into the soft stuff, but I reckon that sole pattern will live up to expectations.

The fascia tape passes under the instep below the contoured insole, which is removed in this photo [©BM]

In addition to Coyote, the Men’s model is available in Navy, Sage and Graphite while the Women’s model is also available in Graphite. Off-the-shelf size range is UK 6 to UK15, with half sizes up to 11, for Men and UK 3 to UK9 in half sizes for Women.

The removable and washable HAIX contoured insoles are comfortable and cup the heel [©BM]

[images © Bob Morrison]


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