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Helly Hansen Scout Duffel Small ~ Trooper

Jean using the very handy HH Scout Duffel shoulder straps which, as we all know, make life so much easier when ‘in transit’ as this leaves the hands free [© Mike Gormley]

The Helly Hansen Scout Duffel (Small) Trooper is a very handy travel duffel which has many potential applications for the frequent traveller, writes Mike Gormley.


On a recent short trip away we were faced with the issue of maximising our carry-on gear to fit under the seat in front on our budget cost flight.

I remember the times when this was expressly forbidden, for safety reasons. Changing times. Yes Mike, I also remember flying on the Vickers Viscount, when I was a child, Ed. 😉 With my longish legs I would have hated to have had to make an ‘emergency exit’. Anyway, we didn’t, and all was well and we got to have a great trip away.

The Scout Duffel all packed and ready ~ note the shoulder straps as well as the carry handles plus the grab handles, which are at both ends [©MG]

We chose the HH Scout Duffel as my primary carry-on luggage and to ensure it would fit into the foot-well we selected the Small, i.e. 30-litre, version of this Scout Duffel and did not overfill to ensure it would squeeze into the airport sizing gauge. If, however, you fill to the full capacity this duffel would most likely have to go in the overhead locker and often usually with budget airlines this option will cost a lot more ~ especially so if you have not pre-booked. There are also larger versions in the Scout range (Medium, Large and Extra Large) as well as a good selection of colours; this one is ‘Trooper’.

One end of the Scout Duffel has a handy zipped and water-resistant stowage compartment ~ useful for separating smelly footwear or damp clothing [©MG]

The Scout is a relatively simplistic Duffel but with good features and it works well for the task. Importantly, it is very robust and I can see it making many trips such as our recent one or being used as a general-purpose kit duffel for a multitude of applications. With top grab / carry straps but also clip-off shoulder straps that can be stowed away into the lid if not required, it can be either carried or worn like a small rucksack. At each end is a sturdy grab and carry handle, so all in all for a small travel bag this is well thought out and very easy to handle when travelling, be it by air or vehicle or perhaps on a boat.

The removable shoulder straps can be stowed out of the way when not in use ~ very handy [©MG]

The base of the Scout Duffel is reinforced, so will put up with the inevitable drags across the concrete. The zipped top opening is very large to allow for easy access and packing and the Duffel will stand upright while packing, so making life easier. At one end there is a good-sized zipped opening which gives access into the separate compartment for footwear or grubby / wet kit. This is a water-resistant inner pocket and of a good size but is only made from strong but thin material so does not consume much space when not in use. All in all, a very handy Duffel.

Both Helly Hansen bags we took out our recent lightweight trip ~ Scout Duffel and ULLR RS30 Backpack [©MG]

[images © Mike Gormley]


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