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BioLite HeadLamp 800 Pro

The BioLite 800 Pro sits well on your head or over headwear ~ the front light has various functions and gives the wearer very good vision at night [© Mike Gormley]

The BioLite HeadLamp 800 Pro is the most powerful and versatile head torch from a new range of three different models, writes Mike Gormley.


The 800 Pro HeadLamp is the latest in the BioLite range; 800 being the maximum output of 800 lumens. There are others in the range, the 325 and 425, of less power.

Front light in white and rear light in red ~ ideal for running or cycling on roads at night or in very low light conditions [©MG]

This multi-function head torch has a number of settings both for power output and lighting modes. The principal light is on the front with the battery pack and further lighting features on the rear. Front has red and white light options and rear is red only. Light output is variable affecting both power and, of course, duration ~ which at low settings is significant.

Both front and rear lights can be used in red mode [©MG]

The power is provided by a rechargeable battery pack which, if the need is there, can be charged while the torch is being used in the ‘run forever’ feature. To facilitate this an extra long power cord is provided to enable a remote power bank to be used.

The front light can be operated in red mode as well as at various white light levels [©MG]
The rear red light can be constant, at various power levels, or flashing [©MG]

The control buttons for both front and rear lights are good to use, unlike some head torches I have tried. The buttons first give you the light option by sequentially pressing, and then once the feature is selected you can adjust the power setting by holding down the button. The light options of the 800 make it useful to many applications such as cycling and boating as well as for foot-based activities.

Constant light can be achieved by the use of a remote power bank such ~ as this GP10 K ~ plus the extra-long lead supplied [©MG]

The unit is secured on the head or helmet by an adjustable single headband. The front torch unit has a wide base to keep it secure. The only downside I have found to this torch concerns the front light angle adjustment, which is not very positive and tends to be dictated by the power cable so requires a bit of force to adjust it.

On the downside, the front light angle of adjustment is not so positive and is restricted by the power cable [©MG]

[images © Mike Gormley]


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