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Feuerhand Tamber Table Top Grill

Preparing a breakfast is even possible on the Tamber Table Top Grill ~ though getting the timing right takes a bit of practise [©MG]

As we head towards spring and summer I look forward to outdoor cooking for pleasure not necessity on this Feuerhand Tamber Table Top Grill, writes Mike Gormley.


I was given this small Tamber table top grill, from long-established German manufacturer Feuerhand, to try out at the back end of last year and got to use it a few times before the weather turned into winter. This said, there is no reason why it should not be a winter stove as well.

The Tamber Table Top Grill (left) is a great and much safer alternative to the disposable BBQ tray though of course it is not compact or light enough for backpacking [©MG]

The Tamber, which translates from German as Drum, is ‘powered’ by charcoal and you get a single bag of a special self-lighting, not igniting, charcoal included as a starter pack. This is perfect in size and in its ability to light quickly and easily, and importantly evenly. So I got a larger bag of it for future use and would recommend this as the way to go.

The complete Tamber Table Top Grill set as supplied, separated into its constituent parts [©MG]

Of course the Tamber is not the stove for a quick brew and then move on. It is more for relaxed cooking outdoors, as it says, on a tabletop; but this is of course an option, as it works perfectly well on the ground. In fact, it is a perfect option to take the place of those [nasty] disposable BBQ trays. In fact, it is a 100 times better in every way in my view. As for any charcoal, it takes a while to get up to cooking temperature so get the stove sorted and lit and then get the rest of your admin done. Perhaps time for a glass of something tasty as well?

If used with a cooking pot the Tamber is able to heat up ready meals and get a ‘hot wet’ sorted as well as being used as a grill [©MG]

The Tamber is a neat device and not so big, and packs away well when not needed. I also found it to be easy to clean out when cooking finished. The wooden top is a combination of chopping board and base to put the tabletop stove on and is shaped accordingly. I have not tried it on a wood, or even plastic garden table, but I think it would probably be fine.

The two-piece ‘fire pot’ allows adequate ventilation to enable a good and even burn of the charcoal for constant heat and also provides support for grill plate or cooking pots [©MG]

The more I got to use this stove, the more I found various ways to use it. It is not just as a grill. It comes with a grill plate which is fine to put the bacon on, but this can deflect the heat; when trying to make a brew or cook the eggs in a pan I found it much more efficient and quicker to remove the grill plate and allow more direct access to the charcoal. With the right choice of pans, kettle etc. they will sit safely on the stove. I also found it is perfect for making great toast, but take care as this doesn’t take long! For all this swapping and changing you do need a handling device to keep your hands safe so it’s a job your Leatherman, which works fine for this and so no extra bits of kit required. Pictures speak loud than words on this so check the associated photos.

Smell that coffee ~ a small pack of charcoal, bottom left, comes with the stove but you will soon need a larger bag [©MG]

The Tamber Table Top Grill, like most of the Feuerhand range, is distributed in the UK by our friends at Whitby & Co in Kendal. Five colours are produced: Telemagenta, Jet Black, Light Green, Ruby Red and Cobalt Blue (as here).

Bacon, or other barbecue meat, is best cooked placed directly on the circular perforated grill plate [©MG]

I am looking forward to better weather arriving again so I can get to cook up breakfast in the garden in the morning sun; as I write its chucking down and blowing a hoolie!

The feet of the Tamber sit well on the supplied wooden base / top [©MG]
It is better to remove the grill plate to allow coffee pots and kettles etc. direct access to the heat provided by the charcoal [©MG]
Even toast can quickly be prepared over the charcoal if the grill plate removed ~ just watch it doesn’t burn [©MG]
Breakfast in the making ~ note also the Leatherman for lifting off the grill plate, the long lighter and the BBQ tongs which all help things along [©MG]

[images © Mike Gormley]


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