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Modestone Glowpad Waterproof Notepads

The 96x148mm Modestone Waterproof Notepad with Glow In The Dark Slate [©MG]

Modestone Glowpad Waterproof Notepads allow you to write your notes anywhere, anytime, even outdoors in the wet, writes Mike Gormley.


I am sure you know what it’s like trying to write notes on ordinary paper if it’s wet, or even just a bit damp. It simply does not work. Paper goes to mush and even if you do get to make notes it is probable they will not survive for long.

Well, the guys at Modestone in Finland have it sorted. Modestone paper has a military background as it was developed to fulfill a need recognised by a Finnish soldier, frustrated trying to write his notes in the cold and wet Finnish environment. He set to and evolved this new type of ‘paper’ which isn’t really paper at all as no trees are felled and no wood pulp is used; and neither is the huge amount of water that goes with the normal paper-making process. The material used for these notebooks is an 80/20% combination of CaCo3 or Calcium Carbonate – more of less limestone – which is very common combined, with HDPE or High Density Polyethylene, which again is a very commonly used substance and one most of us will use on a daily basis. The end result is a paper substitute that works in more or less any conditions. It is also extremely tough.

Notebook opened to show both covers and the luminous inner slate – to the left [©MG]

Coupled with this for their Glowpad version Modestone add in a luminous slate (also available separately) that fits onto the spiral binding and allows the user to write without the aid of a light when darkness falls. A real benefit for military users, but also for those that have to operate in dark or low light and perhaps need to preserve their night vision both to read notes and to make them.

Here showing the ability of this material to accept both pen and pencil, in wet or dry [©MG]

For what may appear to be a simple notebook the Modestone Waterproof Notepad is packed with innovation and it comes down to a very handy item of kit for anyone who might find themselves out in poor weather or in the dark. It is the type of thing everyone should have in their pack, daysack, grab bag or main kit or even just a pocket if out and about.

This shows the luminous slate glowing through the writing material for use in the dark [©MG]

In addition to conventional top spiral notepads, Modestone also produce (not illustrated here) side spiral and bound versions as well as Sniper’s and Shooter’s Logbooks.

Finally, just to prove the point I put some olive oil on the sheet then wrote on it and no problems [©MG]

[images © Mike Gormley]


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