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Artilect Supermoon Bio Hoodie

The Artilect Supermoon Bio hooded fleece jacket proves a good choice for days out on the moors ~ here at the Ten Commandment Stones [© Jean Gormley]

Something new ~ the Artilect Supermoon Bio Hoodie delivers bulk-free warmth courtesy of a super-soft biodegradable fabric, writes Mike Gormley.


It is always good to have a new manufacturer ~ to Joint-Forces that is ~ to try out kit from and Artilect is certainly a new one for me.

This brand was conceived in Bolder, Colorado, which would seem to me to be a good start for outdoor gear. The fact that this garment is called the Supermoon certainly does not mean you should only wear it when the moon is full but, that said, it is probable you might be out at night enjoying the moon when it is full so perhaps that would be a good time to be wearing one of these fleeces. I have, but I also wear it at many other times as well, so long as there is a chill in the air.

The Supermoon Bio has a very useful hood for when it turns chilly ~ lined pockets become hand-warmers [©JG]

The principal material is PrimaLoft Bio and as soon as I see the word PrimaLoft it gains my attention, as in my experience it works and works well. The 100% recycled PrimaLoft Bio fabric remains thermally effective when wet and is also resistant to water and has high warmth-to-weight capability; the Supermoon Bio is made from the 260gsm material. According to the technical information supplied by Artilect: “Highly durable and built to last, PrimaLoft Bio returns to materials found in nature only when exposed to marine, wastewater, and landfill environments – reducing the long-term impact of micro-plastics in those environments. PrimaLoft Bio can be chemically recycled, again and again, while maintaining the same high performance – which means the fibres are ready for the future of circularity.”

The zipped chest pocket is convenient and of a very useful size [©JG]

So far during my time using the Supermoon Bio it seems to work. It’s good to wear ‘next to skin’ so great to throw on when you first get up or when chilling out in the evening with a T-shirt as a mid or top layer, as conditions determine. The hood is not too bulky and designed to fit beneath a helmet. Pockets are two side-zipped, with warm feel inners, and a very useful decent-sized chest pocket which is perfectly able to take a good size smartphone for example. The Supermoon Bio also has a scooped / scalloped lower back, which is great to help protect that area of your body, especially when bending over. Cuffs and hood hems have a Lycra finish to give some elasticity and added comfort as well as to keep the breeze outside. The hood is not in the way when not in use and forms a cosy neck baffle when the front is fully zipped up.

The front zip goes up under the chin so making the hood a good wind-blocker [©JG]

This is a nice to wear and very cosy garment which is great as a standalone top or even as a base, or as part of a layering system which Artilect have plenty to choose from; but for now this is the only one of their range I have had a chance to try and so can comment on the rest. The material used for this garment is 100% recycled.

The Supermoon Bio hood is a good fit [©JG]

This Supermoon hooded fleece is Amaranth / Black in colour, with others available, and it is produced in six sizes from XS to XXL.

The Supermoon Bio has a sensibly protective scooped / scalloped tail [©JG]
Out on an autumnal walk exploring a Dartmoor river, the Supermoon Bio was just right ~ even when we got a shower [©JG]
The Supermoon Bio not looking out of place for a social visit ~ it is a good choice when just out for a bit of ‘tourism’ [©JG]

[images © Jean Gormley]


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