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Craghoppers Trek Leather Walking Boots

Late autumn strolls over Dartmoor have provided great conditions for trying out the Craghoppers Trek Leather Walking Boots [©JG]

These comfy Trek Leather Walking Boots from Craghoppers have full grain uppers, with NosiLife-treated soft textile collars, and Vibram soles, writes Mike Gormley.


From the first time I put them on I was very pleased to be trying out these boots. Immediately they gave a good comfy feel… and this has stayed.

The footbeds are much more comfortable than most items of footwear from the start. In general, these are soft comfortable easy walking boots and after a fair bit of use this is still the case. Not a full-on mountain type boot but for what one might term more general purpose trekking and hill walking I have found them to be very good.

A look in the shoebox ~ as well as new boots you get a spare pair of different colour laces too [©MG]

The Vibram soles have shown to have a significantly good grip. In general use they feel secure and on more recent trips out on to Dartmoor, when walking and clambering over damp moss-covered rocks, they have done very well indeed. The construction of the boot gives them good flexibility, but not loads of support if you are hanging by the toes on a rock. The toe has minimal rubber protection but the small bumper does take some of the pressure off the leather. These boots have an Aquadry waterproof layer which works until the water overtops the tongue seal. The tongue itself and the ankle cuffs are soft and comfortable.

The Craghoppers boots when new showing the ghillie lacing and the useful grippy Vibram soles [©MG]

These are all day boots and I have not been rushing to take them off when I get home. The ghillie lacing system allows for easy fitting and removal which is a good feature. There is even NosiLife anti-insect treatment in the fabric sections to help keep those little biters out. You even get a spare pair of different colour laces with them.

If you are looking for some everyday boots these are well worth a look.

The softer soles on this boot seem to allow the foot to form around terrain whereas stiffer soles stay rigid ~ I find these ones work well [©JG]
When clambering up leafy mossy rocks these boots did well to grip on the slippery surfaces [©JG]
One of my wet tests was in the sea while paddling about taking the Ulu review photos ~ my feet stayed dry [©MG]
The soles on these Craghoppers Trek boots not only worked well on the beach but also on a slippery concrete slipway at low tide [©MG]

[images © Jean or Mike Gormley]


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