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Stasher Multi-Use Silicone Containers

Made from silicone, stashers were conceived to provide a convenient and reusable alternative to single use plastic bags [©MG]

stasher multi-use resealable non-toxic food-grade silicone storage containers are a convenient alternative to plastic bags and cling film, writes Mike Gormley.


Keeping items stowed in a safe and convenient way is something we all need to do and ensuring things stay dry, and if food will remain fresh and edible, is essential both at home and when away. The stasher range certainly helps with all this.

stasher containers come in a variety of sizes and colours to help you sort your kit [©MG]

The stasher is made from plastic-free platinum silicone so is remarkably resilient to cold and heat. You can also cook (e.g. steam or microwave) in them and freeze in them. The closure is a very straightforward push together / pull apart device which is moulded into the container and so there are no moving parts. It shows every sign of being robust and long lasting. The seal is airtight, so will allow you to keep contents fresh as well as dry depending on what you choose to use these for. They are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, so you can use them over again for a variety of tasks.

When empty stashers take up little space in your pack but expand to accept bulky contents [©MG]

The stashers come in a variety of sizes and colours to help you organise and use in a wide variety of ways, and have potential for the military user as well as the civilian camper or adventurer etc.

As seen here the stashers can be used to stow foodstuffs, keep the likes of your essential power pack dry, or even act as a wash bag and keep damp items away of the rest of your kit [©MG]
The stasher closure is simple and straightforward to use with little to go wrong [©MG]
The stasher seen here is ‘sandwich’ size and is ideal for stowing snacks separately in a daysack etc. [©MG]

[images © Mike Gormley]


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