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Craghoppers Kiwi Pro Expedition Trousers

Craghoppers Kiwi Pro Expedition Trousers have well-placed pockets so you can access contents when standing or seated [©MG]

Craghoppers Kiwi Pro Expedition are practical multi-pocket stretchy trousers well-suited for hiking, trekking and travelling, writes Mike Gormley.


Most days we guys all pull on a pair of trousers but if you are like me and outdoorsy you will need to take ‘stuff’ with you. We also require comfort and practicality and expect some protection against the elements, be they good or inclement.

I am a bit picky when it comes to pockets, I must say. Like most of us these days I have a mobile phone (aka a device) which I use for a plethora of tasks. I need it to make and receive calls, almost the minor function of a ‘phone’ these days, but possibly more importantly I need to grab it to take those memorable, or perhaps important, photos and videos. Most devices now give us a very useful navigation feature and so it goes on. I also need to use reading glasses so more ‘ready to get at’ space is required. All in all, pockets are needed to keep things handy and importantly secure ~ but you get the drift here, I am sure. Most of the multiple pockets on the Kiwi Pro are secured either by zip or hook and loop fastener.

The Craghoppers Kiwi Pros are a really good all-rounder trouser especially in changeable weather where it might turn warm and/or wet [©JG]

Then I need comfort. These trousers use a combination of materials including recycled ~ approximately fifteen plastic bottles per pair ~ as well as responsibly sourced cotton. This polyamide material gives sufficient stretch to offer great comfort, both while mobile and at rest. The other real benefit of this material it is very durable and resists the likes of gorse as you brush past. It is also quite water-resistant with a DWR finish and dries very quickly indeed, so that shower that just passed over is soon forgotten. And when you have to wash them they are soon dry and back in use if needs be. These trousers are remarkably wind-resistant if the breeze is chill, and when the sun is out this Solar Shield material provides useful UV protection.

Some pockets are secure by a tagged zip to keep your precious gear safe [©JG]

Added features, such as double layered knees which are contrasting colour on the Pepper / Black alternative version, make these trousers better suited to hard use. The version for Men is available in seven waist sizes, from 30” through to 42”, and in Short, Regular and Long variants. There is also a version shaped specifically for Ladies, in sizes UK8 to UK20 with three leg lengths.

I really like these very practical trousers and there will be more on this subject in the not too distant future as they also produce more winter-friendly variants.

[images © Jean or Mike Gormley unless noted]


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