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Latest Range Of Feeet Socks

All three of the Feeet socks reviewed here ~ as you would see them in their hanging packaging [©MG]

Feeet Socks, a UK brand born exactly three years ago in October 2019, have come a long way since I first tried them, writes Mike Gormley.


I first got to use a pair of Feeet socks quite a while ago and a little later reviewed their first three models in March 2020. I have to say their first attempt was a bit ‘basic’ as socks go, but they lasted very well though they were not quite as comfy as perhaps one might have expected. Moving on to the socks I now have, things at Feeet have certainly moved forward. Over past months I have been using three different pairs of Feeet socks suited to a variety of uses.

The Feeet Bamboo socks working nicely out on a warm day walk on Dartmoor [©MG]

Bamboo never sounds quite right as a base for a garment. This said, it has been around as such for some time and quite a few years ago I tried it for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. So now we have socks that have no less than 70% of their content made from bamboo. The great thing about bamboo is that it is a prolific plant and grows at an amazing rate in the right conditions so is an endless source of material. Along with the bamboo there is 23% Nylon, 5% cotton and 2% elastane, all regular constituents of sock material. First of all, you have to forget that bamboo is a hard, stick-like plant which on the face of it has little to offer as far as soft comfortable socks are concerned. Of the three different Feeet socks I have been putting through their paces recently, these are the ones I have worn the most. Mostly, I acknowledge, because it has been through the summer and although quite thin, they work very well in lighter walking boots. So don’t be put off by any preconceptions of bamboo being harsh. In this case its definitely not and these are really nice comfy socks.

The Feeet Yeti Merino socks which I made full use of in my chainsaw boots [©MG]

Next up are the Yeti Merino socks. Merino wool has been a favourite of mine for years as it has great features which extend into the garments that are made from it. This said, Merino needs some back-up to give the socks other features that we, the end user, demand. These socks have 32% Merino wool and to give the sock durability and wearability they have 16% Cordura, 13% Nylon, 5% Polypropylene and 2% Elastane. Sometimes I wonder how they come up with these percentages but that’s not for me but a qualified ‘sockologist’. At the end of the day as an ‘end user’, I just need to know they work, are comfortable and will last a decent length of time. I took to using these in my chainsaw boots as I have been very busy getting ready for the coming winter. This meant long hot days on my feet with chainsaw and axe, not to mention carrying and loading and stacking the wood. I must say these socks have been great. Very comfortable in the conditions. The only issue is I am still picking bits wood chip out of them. So these definitely pass as boot socks.

The Feeet Coolmax Hiker socks were well-suited for lightweight hiking in warm weather [©MG]

The third pair of my trio of Feeet Socks is the Coolmax Hiker. These socks sit somewhere in the middle of the other two models featured here. I guess you would say they are summer hiking socks for those warmer days when you need to be wearing trekking boots.; the sort of sock you need in your boots if setting off with a pack for a long distance path walk or a few days ‘on the hill’. Sadly, of late I have not done much of this so these are my least used pair of the three but that said I really like them and they have worked very nicely when I have got to use them and I surely will wear them more as sandals give way to walking boots once again. As their name suggests they are composed of 80% Coolmax with 18% Nylon and 2% Elastane.

So here you have it. An update of some of the Feeet socks which will suit many of your potential activities I am sure.

[images © Mike Gormley]


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