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Fidlock Hermetic Dry Bag Maxi

The Fidlock Hermetic Dry Bag comes complete with a neck strap which is simple enough to take on and off and can be adjusted for length [©MG]

Keeping essential kit dry is, well, essential and this is where Fidlock are in business to help us with the Hermetic Dry Bag Maxi.


I got to know of Fidlock at the recent Outdoor Trade Show in Liverpool and was introduced to the range of handy items of gear that they have in their inventory and I will be bringing more from this company to my review pages in time.

When it rains, like it has been here recently, it is no place for an unprotected iPad – unless it is in a Fidlock Hermetic Dry Bag Maxi [©MG]

This particular item is a compact dry bag which is robust and has a very neat sealing system to keep out the wet and other harmful stuff, such as dust and sand. Very topical at this time of year in the northern hemisphere, now we have passed the equinox and winter is on the way, but possibly relevant throughout the year wherever on the globe you might end up.

The Fidlock system is more or less self seal as it uses patented GOOPER magnetic technology [©MG]

This size of dry bag is well-suited to a small size tablet device, which are not known for being proof against water and dust ingress, and it can of course be used to stow valuable documents and paperwork such as small maps and so on. The magnetic, and very easy to use, GOOPER closure system that Fidlock use is very quick and easy to operate and it works. It pretty much self-seals when you set it in motion so there is little chance for it to remain open. The device, if that is what you have in it, can also be used through the clear plastic.

The closure system is a nifty set up which folds over and is held secure by a series of small but powerful magnets [©MG]

This item is very similar to the FIDLOCK HERMETIC Sling Bag I reviewed a short time ago, which is principally for use with a phone, however the Dry Bag Maxi is for more general use as well as for a tablet. It is available in five colours including more tactical black.

[images © Mike Gormley]


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