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Aladdin CityLoop Thermavac Water Bottle

CityLoop Thermavac 600ml water bottle from Aladdin ~ fresh out of the pack [©MG]

The CityLoop Thermavac from Aladdin is their latest eCycle sustainable material water bottle for keeping drinks temperature controlled, writes Mike Gormley.


Aladdin have long been at the forefront of manufacturing containers to drink from; since 1908 in fact. This is their latest product and importantly the double-walled bottle is made from about 90% recycled eCycle Stainless Steel.

The CityLoop Thermavac sits well in a standard size bike bottle holder ~ I am adding a supplement here before setting off [©MG]

The Thermavac, as the name suggests, will keep your drink cool or warm over a long period; quoted as twelve hours, it certainly works for the one I have. At this time of year it has been keeping my chosen ‘wet’ nicely chilled when out and about. It fits neatly into most standard drink bottle holders and at 0.6 litre is a convenient size to have with you on most occasions. It also stands well on your desk, as mine is doing now. The long thin shape also allows it to slip easily into a small pack or rucksack.

I have been using the CityLoop Thermavac on my kayak where it fits into the retainer ~ not having any place to trap external water or vegetation it is fine to drink from and easy to operate when paddling [©MG]

The CityLoop element works well out of the city as well! As not one to spend much time in any city if I can help it, I have not been able to ‘test’ this bit, but for sure it is a handy design to hang on your finger or just haul the bottle out of your bag. It is of a soft pliable material and works as a good handle to open the top, which takes just a convenient three quarter turn to open and shut. The neck is by nature of the design quite narrow but fine to drink from, in fact very good because of this. No valves and mechanisms to get fouled up.

The soft plastic screw cap has the finger loop (CityLoop) and an inset seal which also protects the mouth of the flask from dirt and dust ingress [©MG]

When one wants to give it a good clean it is dishwasher safe. There is a good range of colours but this one is, appropriately, powder coated matt black. It is very durable which I did test, by mistake, as I dropped it so now has a small dent in the base. But that is all.

Does the job well, as you would expect for this well-known name.

Aladdin are justly proud of the, predominantly post-consumer, recycled content of this bottle [©MG]
As for a car holder, common in most vehicles these day, the bottle fits well but note it does require two hands to open and close [©MG]

*Thermavac is a registered trademark of Aladdin.

[images © Mike Gormley]


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