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Stanley Classic Trigger-Action Travel Mug

The Trigger-Action Travel Mug from Stanley when new and as it might be seen if on the shelf of your local camping and outdoor gear outlet [©MG]

A ‘warm wet’ on the move is never a bad thing, says Mike Gormley, writing about the Classic Trigger-Action Travel Mug from Stanley.


As we head towards the autumn months, we think more of having a hot drink to hand; this said, the Stanley Travel Mug with trigger-action cap can equally keep a cold one cold if the weather is warm.

The Stanley trigger-action cap is easily disassembled by a quarter turn of the inner section to reveal the working parts for cleaning [©MG]

Stanley are, of course, old hands at this and have been producing mugs for the active and mobile person for a whole bunch of years – in fact, since 1913. I have a plastic mug of theirs which I have had for many years and it is still in use if I want to travel light when walking and camping. The latest Trigger-Action Travel Mug featured here (we looked at a slightly earlier version pre-COVID) is a very convenient, no nonsense drink container of 0.35 litre capacity which is a good amount for day-to-day use and fits into most mug holders as well as a rucksack pocket. Also, as it is doing now, it sits on my desk keeping my brew warm while I get on with things. The other good thing is that if I knock it over it will always be sealed closed and so not spill the contents.

The mug I am using is a non-garish and appropriate colour, namely Stanley signature Hammertone Green, but it is also available in a wide variety of colours so you and your close friends or family can ‘colour code’ if you need to. It has a very robust 18/8 stainless steel double walled body and the lid is made from BPA free materials. The screw cap has different stages to ensure an easy fit but then goes into a tighter lock to ensure it is liquid proof. There are no sticking out bits to get hooked up so it will slip easily into a pocket.

This 350ml mug will fit neatly into a rucksack side pocket or even a trouser or jacket pocket [©MG]

To drink from the mug there is a good-sized press button that fits either thumb or finger to suit the situation. The top simply comes apart so the inner workings can be cleaned, and the whole mug is dish washer safe. Another very user-friendly item from Stanley.

With the cap removed from the stainless steel mug unit ~ the cap has a staged screw system to ensure it is leak-proof [©MG]
The Stanley Trigger-Action Cap, which can be bought separately [© Stanley]

[images © Mike Gormley]


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