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The HERMETIC Sling Bag from FIDLOCK GmbH works well when out on the water both to protect the phone and to allow it to be operated while still in the bag [©MG]

The self-sealing FIDLOCK HERMETIC Sling Bag gives easy access waterproof protection for essential personal items, writes Mike Gormley.


I have a waterproof and very resistant model of smartphone, but many of the most popular phones don’t offer as much protection against water. That said, even if your communication device is top end it is no bad thing to offer your arguably most essential item of personal gear some extra protection against the elements ~ be that rain and wet or sand and dust ~ as well as a second skin against abrasion and general wear and tear.

We all know that sand and dust is a nightmare for electronic and sensitive devices ~ I put the FIDLOCK Sling Bag to the test on this and my phone came out unscathed [©MG]

Such protection is even more critical if in a marine environment with the addition of salt in the water. I am sure this hermetically sealing see-through bag, produced by the manufacturer of innovative magnetic bike helmet buckles, will be fine in snow as well, though I have not had a chance to try this aspect yet.

The FIDLOCK HERMETIC Sling Bag ~ they also produce an Armband version, for runners and cyclists etc., and a Chest Bag version, for skydivers and skiers etc. ~ is completely clear, and a phone’s smart screen works as normal through the material of the bag. For my phone at least, the Sling Bag is also plenty large enough to be able to operate the buttons on the side of the phone. Additionally, of course, the camera can take pictures through it with little or no distortion.

For general use when out and about the Sling Bag makes a handy carrier for phone and other small devices, perhaps when you don’t have a large enough pocket, and keeps them protected [©MG]

The sling bag can be worn in various ways as a belt bag or slung across your chest, which is perhaps the most practical method for ready access; it does not have to be worn and if, say, on a small boat or open vehicle it can just be hung somewhere handy. The bag is not just for phones of course but all its attributes work just as well for your wallet and keys, especially remote smart keys and so on.

The FIDLOCK HERMETIC Sling Bag closure system is slick to use and effective ~ note the mini magnets that do the work [©MG]

The patented FIDLOCK closure is pretty nifty. Based on a row of small button-shaped magnets it readily snaps shut, folding the clear plastic material over as well as forming a seal of its own. It is easily opened, one-handed if necessary. The belt is fully adjustable and also has a magnet-based slide closure, which is very secure. I have had this bag for a while now and it seems to be very robust so I would expect it to last a good long time; so far the material seems proof against abrasion and so far it remains clear.

The strap of the Sling Bag is fastened and secured by a clip-in buckle which also uses a magnet [©MG]

One word of warning ~ the quite powerful magnets will affect a compass if inside or close by but from my experience at least they have no effect on a phone.

[ images © Mike Gormley]


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