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Teva Terra FI 5 Universal Sandals

The Teva Terra FI 5 Universal Sandals are well suited to rough going, offering good protection all around [©JG]

Summer is here and it is time for tough sandals ~ these Terra FI 5 Universal Sandals from Teva fit the bill in my opinion, writes Mike Gormley.


I have a long association with Teva Terra sandals. My previous pair have been going strong, and still are, albeit now showing their age with wear and tear from over six years of heavy use; both here in the UK and in various other countries I have visited, including on an extended trip to Africa where they were my day-to-day footwear.

New out of the box ~ the new and lighter version of the Terra sandals [©MG]

These Teva Terra FI 5 Universal sandals tick all the boxes as far as I am concerned. For me the important features are that they are robust, comfortable and, even as a sandal, offer good protection for your feet with raised shaping around toe and heel as well as along the sides. There is plenty of adjustment via hook and loop fixings on the three main straps, so you can wear them ‘loose fitting’ if preferred of tighten them up for added security on the rougher going.

Comparing the new (top) to old there is not so much change to see from above but the new sandals are lighter weight and use some recycled materials ~ plus the soles are completely new [©MG]

When I compare my new pair with old there has been very little change over the years. In my view a good thing. However, the real difference is in the sole. I always found my original Terra sandals had a sound grip and were very comfortable, but these new variants have an even better one. The sole material, going by my ‘thumbnail test’ is softer. Certainly offering more grip, but perhaps this may give less longevity. Ask in about five years and I’ll let you know. But as I often say, I prefer my footwear to wear out a bit faster but keep me upright and safe.

The new and very different lighter weight soles offer good secure grip in most conditions [©JG]

The tread design is very different and so far, seems to be a definite improvement. I can only hope that these new sandals will be with me on the sort of trips the old ones did, including the likes of Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe, plus multi-day hikes along the coast paths to name a few. I live in hope.

My old Terra sandals show all the signs of a great deal of travel and hard use over six years but (other than the worn tread) they still have some life in them [©MG]
The Terra’s sole is significantly turned up at the toe, offering good protection and traction [©MG]
The rear adjustable strap around the Achilles is well padded and comfortable [©MG]
The three hook and loop fastenings per sandal allows plenty of adjustment [©MG]

For now these new Terra sandals are being kept for best with my old and faithful ones now used around home and garden – with happy memories as they might even still have some of the Kalahari sands tucked away inside somewhere.

On this sunny day in Cornwall it was cycling, but the Terra FI 5 Universal Sandals are well suited to all types of more adventurous use [©JG]

[images © Jean or Mike Gormley]


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