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Keela Insect Shield T-Shirt

Wearing my Keela Insect Shield T-Shirt on a local beach where there are estuary mud flats behind and therefore a lot of biting insects about... but I remained unscathed [© Mike Gormley (selfie)]

The Keela Insect Shield T-Shirt with long-lasting permethrin treatment bonded to the fabric should help keep biting insects at bay, writes Mike Gormley.


I guess we probably all wear a T-shirt at least occasionally, and perhaps some of us most of the time, so why not add some protection to this against those nasty biting insects that have a habit of plaguing us when we get out to those wonderful outdoor places most of us enjoy? The Keela answer to the biting bugs problem is to add Insect Shield treatment to this basic of garments.

As a T-shirt goes, this one from Keela is a ‘nice to wear’ garment with a good feel, so is easy to wear all day either as a base or as a top / only garment on good weather days. These sort of days, which in the south of England we’ve had a good share of this year, are the very ones where those annoying biting insects tend to be about so the Insect Shield treatment is definitely a good addition to one’s armoury to help protect against them.

As ever with this sort of thing it is tricky to prove if the treatment really works, but I certainly haven’t been bitten since I started wearing the T-shirt ~ and that’s been quite a lot ~ but this is no guarantee to it being effective. Though on the other hand it may just prove it works really well. When you add up the points on this it’s a very decent T-shirt and if the Insect Shield does work as promised (permethrin has been around as a medication for almost 50 years and is on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines) it makes it a good garment to be wearing when in those areas where insects abound. Keela have other garments in their range which also uses Insect Shield so if worn in combination one should be even better protected.

The Keela Insect Shield T-Shirt is produced in both Men’s and Women’s fits, in seven sizes apiece, and in olive or grey.


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