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Gateway1 Pheasant Game Rubber Boots

The Gateway1 Pheasant Game boots are high and comfortable with zipped legs for easy donning and doffing [© MG]

The good old welly boot has come along way since those floppy gumboots of old ~ enter the Gateway1 range of outdoor footwear, writes Mike Gormley.


Having spent more time in wellies in my life than I care to think about, it is something of a relief to get to use these Gateway1 Pheasant Game 18-inch Side Zip boots.

These have been developed in Scandinavia, and it shows. I have been using them for a while now, but mostly over the summer months, so no chance as yet to try them in the cold and snow. The seasons are changing and I still haven’t, but there is no doubt these will be good in the colder weather we will soon be getting. Looking out today, as I write, it is well on its way. With 5mm Neoprene lining, similar to a wet suit, and Lynx Ice-Grip soles, I just know those winter days will be definitely more comfortable and safer.

The Lynx Ice-Grip soles of these boots are well thought out in their design to offer grip in all conditions assisted by a soft rubber compound [© MG]

Having a heritage that spans North America and Scandinavia there is some sound historical background to the evolution of these boots and this is depicted by the Bison logo. Perhaps you might wonder why these are being covered here on JOINT-FORCES, but I am sure most of us who must venture out in the wet and mucky conditions will have a pair of wellies. This might be just to take the bins out on a wet day or for all-day excursions when conditions are wet, cold, snowy and messy (or when out shooting game in West Devon, like our mutual friend The Colonel. Ed).

At work in the harbour at low tide clearing the smelly River Exe mud [© JG]

Over the summer I have been making good use of these boots as I am involved with our local harbour and have a self-interest in keeping the tidal mud at bay, so it is more pleasant to launch my kayak. Therefore plodding around in deep, slippery mud of the type encountered across the river at CTCRM is quite normal for me. I know that come winter my feet will also be kept warm as well.

Unzipped with both adjustments extended there is plenty of room to take boots on and off with ease [© MG]

The side zip allows for much easier removal and fitting of these boots – welcome when cold and muddy. The YKK zip fits neatly into a covered recess with the zip itself contained into a key hole for protection and to prevent snagging on passing obstacles. As well as the zip there is a gusset with adjuster strap on the back of the calf for further personal adjustment.

The top of this 18-inch boot is well protected against long and hard wear ~ the back has a calf adjuster strap [© MG]

Gateway1 has a useful range of footwear for the outdoor person – in summer but especially in winter – which looking through their detailed brochure has been evolved with a combination of science and end user knowledge. UK distributor is Koolbox of Shepshed.

The zips keep the mud and water out and keep the wearer warm ~ they generally keep quite clean for ease of use which is important if freezing as this can render zips inoperable [© JG]
The charging bison is the North American inspired logo of Gateway1 footwear [© MG]

[images © Mike or Jean Gormley]

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